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Our Guatemala Community Board has donated $1,000,000 since 2012 to 127 grassroots projects, charities and organizations.

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Helping Dorian achieve his full potential

The TELUS Manitoba Community Board is supporting Spence Neighbourhood Association’s mission to educate and empower youth living in one Canada’s most marginalized postal codes.

Empowering teens through the power of music

With the support of the TELUS Manitoba Community Board, Robb Nash is creating authentic connections with teens at risk.

Roberto Gutierrez (Chair)

Founder and President, FUNDAP (NGO)

Francisco Roberto Gutiérrez Martínez is President of FUNDAP (Integral Development of Social and Economic Programs Foundation) and President of the Asociación Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores (a non-profit organization for economic development), Mr. Gutierrez is also a Member of the Board of Catholic University of America at the Washington headquarters.

Mr. Gutierrez is a chemical Engineer, with a degree from San Carlos University in Guatemala, a Masters in Reengineering and Technology Insurance from Francisco Marroquin University and a Masters in Social Anthropology and Ethnology from University of Paris. He also holds a PhD. in Political Sciences and Sociology from Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain.

He has written several important publications abut entrepreneurship, including How to eradicate poverty in Guatemala, The Microenterprise, a space for development (La Microempresa, un espacio para el desarrollo) and many others. He is an active columnist for El Periodico national newspaper.

Mr. Gutierrez has been recognized as a distinctive Guatemalan citizen in Quetzaltenango, an Honoree from Banco Industrial, and winner of the Carlos Paiz Ayala Award, Exporter of the Year in 2003. He has held the Gold Button from the House of Culture in Quetzaltenango since 2003 and that same year, University Rafael Landival gave him a commemorative Medal, “Mons. Luis Manresa Formosa, S.J.”

Guillermo Montano (Vice Chair)

Strategic Advisor, TELUS International and Founder, TELUS International Central America

Richard Aitkenhead

Founder and President, IDC consulting group

Marta Alvizures

Community Board Prime, TELUS International Central America

Sebastian Bulanti

Business Development and Marketing Director, TELUS International Central America

Luis Flores Asturias

Politician, professor, surgical dentist, entrepreneur, Olympian

Rosamaria Flores Castaneda

Community Board Prime, TELUS International Central America

Jorge Gonzalez

Youth Representative, Manager, Good Neighbors and Consultant, Fundated

Giancarlo Ibarguen

President and Dean, Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala

Daiann Irigoyen

CFO, TELUS International Central America

Christine K. Wilson

Founder, Antigua International School, entrepreneur, organic coffee farmer, director of CKW Communications

Estuardo Ligorria G.

Vice President, Operations, TELUS International Central America

Emilio Mendez

Owner and Creative Manager, Saul E. Mendez and former Chair, GuateAmala project

Maria Pacheco

Founder and General Manager, Kiej de los Bosques and Vital Voices Latin-American (NGOs)

Carolina Roca

IDC Senior Consultant and Director, Fundesistemas

2022 application deadlines

Please note the application deadline time on the dates listed is midnight in the local time zone.

  • March 31

  • September 16