Bulgaria Community Board in action

The TELUS International Bulgaria Community Board has donated $700,000 since 2015 to 143 grassroots projects, charities and organizations.

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Helping Dorian achieve his full potential

The TELUS Manitoba Community Board is supporting Spence Neighbourhood Association’s mission to educate and empower youth living in one Canada’s most marginalized postal codes.

Empowering teens through the power of music

With the support of the TELUS Manitoba Community Board, Robb Nash is creating authentic connections with teens at risk.

Krasimira Velichkova (Chair)

Director, Bulgarian Donors Forum

Since 2008, Krasimira Velichkova has been Executive Director of the Bulgarian Donors Forum – the association of philanthropy organizations in the country, comprising more than 50 foundations and corporate donors. She has extensive experience in the civil sector - before joining the Bulgarian Donors Forum, she worked as a Development and Partnerships Manager of the Altera Association, a Development and Funding Manager of the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation. Over the years, Krassimira Velichkova has participated in various public and expert councils and boards, for example in the public council of the Commission for Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations and Citizens' Complaints, and has been Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Donors and Foundations Network in Europe (DAFNE) for 6 years.

Krassimira Velichkova has been a member of the Community board in Bulgaria since its establishment in 2015, and chairperson since June 2021.

Xavier Marcenac

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, TELUS International Europe

Elitsa Barakova

Director, BCause Foundation Bulgaria

Veselin Dimitrov

Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Bulgaria

Stefania Duncheva

Human Resources Director, TELUS International Europe

Kristina Ivanova

Director for Bulgaria, and Vice President of Operations for Bulgaria and Turkey, TELUS International Europe

Vladimir Kerelezov

Community Board prime, TELUS International Bulgaria

Kamen Krastanov

Environmental Expert

Nadya Shabani

Director, Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-Profit Law

Nia Toshkova

PhD Student, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystems, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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