Community grants

At TELUS, we understand that each community has unique needs. That’s why we put community funding in the hands of local leaders who know our communities best.

Apply for funding

Local and regional charities

Registered charities working within a specific city or region can apply to their applicable Community Board.

If your organization supports community-based initiatives outside of one of our major Community Board centres, you can still apply for a regional grant.

Provincial and national charities

Larger provincial or nationally-focused registered charities can access funding directly through the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation®.

Indigenous Communities Fund

Flexible grants are available for Indigenous-led organizations that support Indigenous programs and community initiatives meeting social, health, cultural, and community needs.


If your organization has a sponsorship opportunity you would like TELUS to consider, please apply using our online sponsorship submission process.

International funding

If your organization is looking for international funding, please apply to one of our TELUS International Community Boards.

Connecting charities for less

At TELUS, we’re helping registered charities in Canada reduce their expenses so they can focus on supporting our communities. Learn how we can support your organization.

Success stories

See how we’re making a difference in communities from coast to coast.

TELUS Community Boards

At TELUS, we give where we live. That’s why we put community funding in the hands of local leaders. 

What we fund

Through our TELUS Community Boards, funded by the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, we fund programs that best meet our vision and clearly demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Focus on enabling vulnerable youth to succeed

  • Align with our interest in health and education

  • Demonstrate technological innovation in program delivery

  • Define and measure social outcomes

Canadian Community Boards

Funded by the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, our 13 Canadian Community Boards support local grassroots initiatives from Canadian registered charities that focus on vulnerable communities through public health and technology programs.

International Community Boards

Funded by TELUS International, our overseas community boards support local grassroots initiatives from registered charities in five countries, including Bulgaria, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Philippines and Romania.