Critter fun for everyone

A hippo walking
For over 20 years, TELUS has been known for our iconic critters. Now you can invite them into your home and explore your creativity with critter colouring pages, crafts and games, fun videos and more. 

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TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

TELUS Merch Shop

Looking for purrrfectly cute and cuddly gift ideas? You can find our limited edition critter collection at our merch shop and bring your favourite critters home.

Critter crafts

Create your own TELUS critters at home! Check out these videos for inspiration, or download your own and let your imagination soar!
Critter craft: Bird feeder
Bring joy to the birds in your backyard by making a bird feeder from recycled materials. And don’t forget to decorate it!

Get crafting

Find all printable crafts here.

Play with critters

Just download, print and unleash your imagination.
Colouring pens and paper depicting a drawing of a frog hiding behind a leaf, a monkey and a star

Colouring pages

Make your world more colourful with critter colouring pages or draw your own!
A piece of paper depicting a bunny entering a maze with an x-and-o game alongside it


Play critter tic-tac-toe. Bounce into the bunny maze. Spot the tails. Even play critter hide and seek.
Delight your devices with calendar-inspired wallpapers featuring your favourite TELUS critters.

Get wild with wishes

Say it with a hippo or flamingo. Show you care with a koala or bear. Or be funny with a bunny with our printable greeting cards.

Critter Comforts

Did you know that 80% of Canadians feel happy after watching critter videos? Relax with our soothing TELUS Critter Comforts.

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

By funding more than 500 charities each year, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is helping more than 2 million youth in communities across Canada build skills, confidence and feel a sense of belonging. Together, we’re building a friendlier future for all.


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