Your connection to tomorrow is here

With the arrival of TELUS PureFibre® your home and business can be connected for generations to come. In areas where we’re switching to more sustainable PureFibre, we’re retiring those long-serving legacy copper lines that have served you so well.

A future-friendly network evolution

Learn how Canada’s fastest, most reliable and most sustainable internet technology benefits Canadians.
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A connection you can count on

Upgrading your community to TELUS PureFibre will enable unique and innovative solutions. Imagine connected homes and security monitoring, healthcare solutions, connected classrooms, and business innovations like fleet and cloud data management, virtual conferencing, and much more.
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Seamless transition

We’ll only retire our copper network once there is PureFibre availability in your community or neighbourhood. We’ll then book an appointment to transfer your services.
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Superior internet

TELUS is Canada's fastest major internet provider. PureFibre is built for speed, consistency, and reliability, which means a lightning-fast connection no matter how many devices you have.1

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Environmentally sustainable

TELUS PureFibre uses Canada’s most sustainable internet technology, reinforcing our commitment to improving our energy efficiency by 50% from 2020 levels by 2030.2
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Thanks, copper. Hello, PureFibre and 5G.

Once we’ve installed TELUS PureFibre in your community, we’ll gradually retire our copper network while ensuring that current customers experience no service disruptions.

Let’s make the future more sustainable, together

Retiring copper will save power, making the future more sustainable since we’ll be operating just one fibre network. We also plan to recycle or repurpose millions of pounds of copper, offsetting the need to mine new copper sources.
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Transfer your business to PureFibre

A fast and reliable network connection has become essential to ensuring businesses maintain a competitive advantage. By transferring from copper to TELUS PureFibre, you can better utilize our latest technologies designed to enhance productivity, enable seamless collaboration and ensure more reliable connectivity.
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Transfer your home to PureFibre

Other providers’ fibre connection ends before it gets to your home. It’s also split and shared with neighbours, meaning multiple households compete for the same bandwidth and connection. TELUS PureFibre delivers a fibre optic connection directly into your home, meaning you’ll get an internet connection that’s reliable, even during peak hours.
Note: If we've already contacted you about transitioning your services to fibre through phone, mail, email, or SMS, please book and complete your transfer.

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