Digital solutions can help fight climate change

Canadians want our country to lead on climate action.

While progress is being made, Canada lags behind the G7 countries as we work to meet our global targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

We have an opportunity to become leaders in the fight against climate change. However, early research shows Canada may be missing a huge opportunity to meet our targets by not including digital policies in our climate action planning. This means everyone needs access to high speed internet and we need to reduce barriers to adopting digital-first solutions.

If Canada invests in digital policy, making inclusive connectivity a part of our climate strategy, we can lower our carbon emissions and get closer to reaching net-zero.

With your support, we can make digital policy part of the climate conversation. Let’s start today.

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Sign the letter below to tell your local Member of Parliament that digital policy is a crucial element of climate policy. It’s time to lead on climate action.

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The following reports outline the positive impacts that strong digital policy can have on the climate crisis.

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