Your partner for rural and Indigenous connectivity

We’re bridging the digital divide, making access to education and economic growth easier in rural and Indigenous communities.
Three images: a farmer using a tablet in a field, a coffee shop owner using a tablet, and power lines running through a field.

Progressing the path of reconciliation

Through our world-leading technology and passion for creating stronger, healthier communities, we're supporting the goals of Indigenous Peoples.

Our commitment is adding up

Through public-private partnerships, 504 rural communities and 577 Indigenous lands have been enabled with TELUS' advanced broadband connectivity, positively impacting 360,000+ rural and Indigenous households and businesses.

80+ partnerships

Formed to bring high-speed connectivity to rural & Indigenous communities.

23,000+ kilometres

Of highways made safer by mobile coverage that helps drivers tap into emergency services.

$475+ million co-invested

By TELUS and government partners to support the closure of the digital divide for rural and Indigenous communities.

Positive social impacts for remote communities

TELUS high-speed unlocks potential for entire communities, from education and healthcare to career advancement and economic growth.
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Learn how Tl’etinqox School is leveraging technology

The TELUS network is enabling powerful outcomes at school and beyond in the Tŝilhqot'in community of Tl’etinqox, helping youth realise their full potential.

Partnering with governments to connect Canada

Together, we’re making major progress toward the Government of Canada’s goal to connect every community by 2030.
Cellular towers against a blue sky with light clouds and trees below.
Takla Lake receives improved cell service
The Connecting British Columbia program gets upgraded cell coverage and faster internet to the Takla Nation.
A man sitting in a chair enjoying high-speed internet on his tablet.
Vancouver Island areas get better broadband
B.C. and TELUS co-fund $2.3 million for better broadband in 1,800+ remote households.
A woman sits on a window sill enjoying high-speed internet on her tablet.
More Cariboo communities on high-speed
Over 1,200 households now have broadband through a joint venture by TELUS, federal and provincial governments.
A man working in a field uses high-speed internet on a tablet with a tractor in the background.
Tallcree First Nation celebrates wireless future
TELUS, Tallcree First Nation and the CRTC partner to bring wireless to 300 households for the first time.
Chief Billy Morin, Enoch Cree Nation, at a podium speaking with Canadian and Alberta flags on each side.
Improved broadband for Alberta’s Recovery Plan
Canada matches Alberta’s $150 million investment to improve wireless in remote and Indigenous communities.
Aerial view of Alberta’s Eden Valley, a small community surrounded by hills with the Rocky Mountains in the distance.
Cell site on wheels helps with COVID-19
TELUS and Alberta send a cell site on wheels to Bearspaw First Nation to help with health services communication.
School director Rebecca Nadeau-Monger stands in front of Netagamiou School which benefited from TELUS network investments.
Network investment unlocks interactive learning
Investment by Canada, Quebec, Société du Plan Nord and TELUS makes Lü technology possible on the Lower North Shore.
A mom holds a laughing baby on her lap as they enjoy high-speed internet on the laptop on the table in front of them.
High-speed internet for La Mitis region
A $1.67 million investment by Quebec’s Operation High Speed and Canada allows TELUS to connect 300 homes.
A man sits on a patio enjoying high-speed internet on a laptop on the table in front of him.
Granit RCM gets set up for economic development
TELUS and Sogetel connect 2,850 homes through a $38 million investment by Quebec’s Operation High Speed and Canada.

Creating opportunities for economic transformation

With government partners, we support rural businesses to harness their digital resources and think big.
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Progressing the path of reconciliation

Learn more about TELUS’ reconciliation commitments and actions, and the remarkable outcomes that Indigenous communities are driving.