Mobility for Good

Helping our most vulnerable succeed

For youth leaving foster care and low-income seniors, a phone can be a lifeline, helping them stay in touch with loved ones, maintain vital support networks and build new lives. Mobility for Good® supports these vulnerable community members with subsidized smartphones and plans, giving them a better chance to thrive.


Creating better outcomes

Suzie’s story | Mobility for Good

For Suzie, she had continued support after leaving foster care. Her phone and free data plan, provided through the TELUS Mobility for Good program, kept her connected to her foster mom who is her biggest support person.

Watch how our Mobility for Good program is making a positive difference in communities across Canada.

Finding real connections in a digital world

Every year over two thousand youth transition out of Canada’s child welfare system. Many, like Brittany Milla, struggle to adjust to independent life without the support of permanent families.

Trade-In, help out

Purchasing a new phone? Give your current phone to the Mobility for Good program to help support those in need.

Apply for Mobility for Good

If you’re a youth aging out of foster care or a low-income senior in Canada, you may be eligible for Mobility for Good. Apply below:

Non-profit organization requests

If you’re a non-profit seeking program assistance, please submit your inquiry using our online form.

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