Helping government-assisted refugees arriving in Canada stay connected

For new refugees in Canada, connecting to support networks, online resources and loved ones is critical. To ease their transition, TELUS offers them free smartphones and low-cost home Internet and mobility plans distributed by our partner organizations.

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Mobility for Good and Internet for Good for government-assisted refugees

As part of our Connecting for Good programs that give individuals in need access to TELUS’ world-leading technology, we are providing newly arrived government-assisted refugees in Canada with free smartphones, and low-cost mobile and home internet plans.

These services help newcomers stay connected and ease their transition to Canada. To date, we have supported nearly 3,000 refugees across the country through partnerships with service provider organizations.

If you’re a resettlement agency supporting government-assisted refugees with their immediate needs when they first arrive in Canada and wish to inquire about partnership opportunities, please email [email protected]

TELUS Mobility for Good

TELUS Mobility for Good offers a free smartphone and a low-cost 3GB data plan to government-assisted refugees being supported by our partner organizations.

Mobility for Good

per month
  • 3 GB of high-speed data and unlimited data at reduced speeds per month1

  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk & text

Frequently Asked Questions

TELUS Internet for Good

TELUS Internet for Good offers low-cost high-speed broadband Internet to qualified government-assisted refugees residing in B.C., Alberta and some areas of Quebec and supported by our partner organizations.

Internet 25

per month for 24 months (plus taxes)3
  • Speeds up to 25Mbps4

  • 300GB of monthly data

Internet 50

per month for 24 months (plus taxes)5
  • Speeds up to 50Mbps4

  • Unlimited monthly data

Internet 150

per month for 24 months (plus taxes)6
  • Speeds up to 150Mbps4

  • Unlimited monthly data

Frequently Asked Questions

Government Assisted Refugee program partners

The organizations listed below can help refugee families access TELUS Connecting for Good programs and can also assist with scheduling their TELUS home internet installation appointment.
Immigrant Services Society of BC logo

Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC)

ISSofBC supports newcomers to Canada, with free services, including settlement support, career and employment programs, English classes and refugee services.

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria logo

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria supports the integration of newcomer immigrants and refugees into the social, economic and civic life of the Capital Region of British Columbia.

Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society logo

Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society (CVIMS)

CVIMS is a Nanaimo-based non-profit organization that provides support to newcomers and refugees. Services offered include settlement, employment, family and language programs.

Archway Community Services logo

Archway Community Services

Archway Community Services offers 90+ programs for people escaping violence, struggling with addictions and living with disabilities, as well as for newcomers to Canada.

KCR Community Resources logo

KCR Community Resources

KCR is a multi-service agency offering programs and projects that focus on community, employment, family and immigrant services.

Immigrant Services Calgary logo

Immigrant Services Calgary

Immigrant Services Calgary collaborates with governments, organizations, community members‌ and other agencies to help immigrants and refugees build thriving lives in the Calgary community.

Saamis Immigration Services Association logo

Saamis Immigration Services Association (SISA)

SISA helps in the integration, adjustment and resettlement of immigrants and refugees in the community of Medicine Hat, including full-time language instruction classes, settlement services and school support workers.

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre logo

London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC)

CCLC helps government-assisted refugees, refugee claimants and other vulnerable newcomers settle, integrate‌ and succeed in the London community through a wide range of activities.

Rainbow Railroad logo

Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad is a global not-for-profit organization that helps at risk LGTBQI+ people around the world get to safety.

Lanaudière Regional Committee for International Development Education logo

Lanaudière Regional Committee for International Development Education (CRÉDIL)

CRÉDIL works to promote human rights and sustainable development while helping refugees and immigrants settle in Lanaudière.

Accueil et Intégration BSL logo

Accueil et Intégration BSL (AIBSL)

AIBSL ​​offers a range of services to immigrants to facilitate their settlement and integration in the Rimouski-Neigette Regional County Municipality.

Carrefour d'Intercultures de Laval logo

Carrefour d'Intercultures de Laval (CIL)

CIL helps with the settlement of government-assisted refugees, as well as members of visible minorities and cultural communities as they integrate into Quebec society.

Service d'aide aux Néo-Canadiens à Sherbrooke logo

Service d'aide aux Néo-Canadiens à Sherbrooke (SANC)

SANC helps immigrants in Estrie integrate and contributes to the intercultural rapprochement of local and foreign cultures.

Centre multiethnique de Québec logo

Centre multiethnique de Québec

The mission of the Center multiethnique de Québec and its housing units is to welcome immigrants, to support their adaptation through global integration, and to encourage their contribution to the host society in collaboration with their partners.

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For more information about the program, prospective program partners can contact TELUS at [email protected]

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Non-profit organization requests

If you’re a not-for-profit seeking assistance not currently available through one of our Connecting for Good programs, please submit your request below.

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