Let's give new life to old materials

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Bring your unwanted electronic device accessories back to select TELUS stores and we’ll help find ways to reuse, refurbish or recycle them. By doing your part to return your unwanted electronics to us, you’re helping protect our natural environment by keeping still-useful materials from ending up in landfills.

What is electronic accessory waste?

Electronic accessory waste refers to unwanted electronic equipment or devices that have reached the end of their useful life. This includes items such as charging cables, headphones, tablets, fitness trackers, and more. Recycling electronic accessory waste helps recover valuable materials like metals, plastic and glass, helping to reduce the need to extract new raw materials and minimize overall environmental impact.

How It Works

To participate in our recycling program:
Gather your accessories:
Collect your unwanted electronic accessories, including chargers, cables, headphones, etc.
Wipe all data:
Ensure that all data is erased from your devices before dropping them off.
See the FAQ below
for specific device instructions.
Find a collection point:
Visit one of
these TELUS retail stores
. Look for the specified recycling station, and place your electronic accessories in the bin, free of charge.
Once collected, your electronic accessories are sent to specialized recycling facilities. There, they are processed responsibly to help minimize their impact on the environment.

Where you can bring back electronic waste

The following TELUS Stores accept electronic waste:
Program Launch Date
Mississauga, ON
Nanaimo, BC
From 17-Apr-24
Montreal, QC
From 16-Apr-24
Calgary, AB
From 18-Jun-24
Etobicoke, ON
From 20-Jun-24
Hamilton, ON
From 16-Jul-24
Calgary, AB
From 27-Aug-24
Windsor, ON
From 17-Sep-24
Montreal, QC
From 19-Sep-24
Sarnia, ON
From 17-Oct-24
Sydney, NS
From 3-Dec-24

Why recycle with TELUS?

Since 2005, TELUS has been recycling mobile devices through our Trade-In program. Since then, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include refurbishing, reusing and recycling our TV, internet, wireless and SmartHome Security devices. Our next step is to start taking back electronic mobile device accessories.

By recycling electronic waste with TELUS, you can help:

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Reduce our collective climate impact
Climate change increasingly impacts our critical ecosystems and poses a significant risk to our global economy. We are reducing our own environmental footprint, while at the same time providing others with solutions to minimize theirs, by offering take back programs to promote a circular economy.
An icon depicting a hand holding a plant
Help protect the environment
Electronic waste contains materials that need to be managed responsibly. By recycling with TELUS, we are helping reduce the impact of this material on the natural environment.
An icon depicting two arrows in a circle
Promote circularity
Electronic waste contains valuable materials like precious metals (gold), metals and plastic. We want to manage this material so it is reutilized as much as possible rather than ending up as waste.

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