Bring your own bag

At TELUS, we're committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our footprint for a healthier planet. We encourage you to join us by bringing your own bag when visiting our stores. You can help minimize waste and preserve our natural resources by choosing reusable bags. Let's create a more sustainable future together.
A person holding a large beige shopping bag

Why we’re charging for bags

We're updating our approach to align with new provincial regulations and municipal bylaws. We've introduced charges for reusable bags to comply with these regulations and promote sustainability.

Buy a bag, help grow the future

When you purchase a reusable bag at TELUS stores, the proceeds will go towards tree replanting efforts. We've planted over 11 million trees to help combat climate change and protect biodiversity. Join us in restoring nature and supporting communities worldwide.
A wildfire fighter standing amid a forest of burnt trees

About pricing

In your local area, TELUS is introducing a $1 charge for reusable bags as part of our commitment to sustainability. If there are specific rules in your region about bag charges, TELUS will follow those guidelines set by the province and city.
British Columbia (bylaw in effect)
Edmonton, Alberta (bylaw in effect)
$1 (increase to $2 after July 2024)
Rest of Alberta
Rest of Canada
Note: pricing is subject to change.

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