Protecting our home from wildfires

Devastating wildfires in Canada endanger our homes and habitats. Last year marked the worst wildfire season on record. That’s why TELUS is investing in innovative technology to detect wildfires, restore forests‌ and keep you connected to your loved ones during crises.

How we’re protecting the places we call home

Investing in wildfire detection

TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good
is funding efforts of German startup
Dryad Networks
to bring their groundbreaking wildfire technology to Canada.

By providing the necessary wireless connectivity and infrastructure, TELUS supports Dryad Networks’ deployment of solar-powered wireless sensors that detect wildfires early in remote, forested areas, enabling emergency crews to respond rapidly and effectively.
Together, we are creating safer communities in Canadian regions prone to wildfires.

Rapid post-wildfire forest recovery

TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good
also supports innovative startups like
Flash Forest
, a Toronto-based reforestation company aiming to plant one billion trees in areas affected by deforestation and wildfires. 
By leveraging AI, just two drones and TELUS' network, Flash Forest can plant up to 75,000 trees daily in remote or unsafe places, efficiently restoring forests and mitigating climate change impacts.

Connecting communities in crisis

During wildfires and other natural disasters, TELUS ensures our networks keep emergency responders and impacted communities connected to essential services and information.
The TELUS team also provides compassionate on-the-ground humanitarian support, dedicating their time, expertise‌ and essential financial aid when it matters most.
Over the past five years, we have invested over $125 million in emergency response, network protection‌ and community support, aiding individuals affected by wildfires and floods throughout Canada.

Ensuring reliable networks

We're investing $73 billion to upgrade network infrastructures across Canada by 2028, ensuring that our networks remain resilient and reliable in the face of the climate crisis.
As part of this commitment, we're proactively investing in fibre-optic internet, Canada's most sustainable internet technology.1 Fibre is 85 per cent more energy-efficient than copper and less susceptible to outages or disruptions during severe weather emergencies, ensuring you stay connected when it matters most.

Creating a sustainable future, together

At TELUS, we’re on a mission to restore and protect the ecosystems in which we live, work, and serve. By choosing TELUS, you're getting reliable service and joining a community dedicated to making our planet healthier.
TELUS team members volunteering to replant trees

Proactively protecting our home

Explore how we’re investing in innovative technology to help keep our communities safe and connected.
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