Your monthly clips explained

Learn about your Secure Business monthly clips and how to manage them.

What you need to set up your Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell Camera

  1. A wired mechanical and digital doorbell chime. (As of now, the SmartHome Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell Camera does not work with wireless doorbell chimes.)
  2. Low-voltage doorbell wiring and a built-in lithium battery.

Note: In order to make the existing doorbell chime ring, the Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell Camera must short the doorbell circuit. During this time, the Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell Camera operates on battery power.

Knowing what the device's different states mean

Check whether the LED is flashing (non-steady) or steady. Only three normal states exist among steady patterns:

  • Solid yellow: Device is turning on
  • Solid white: Device is "In-Call"
  • Solid green (or user-defined): Device is ready

Among the non-steady states, you'll find the following:

  • Alternating red-blue LED pattern: The battery is charging. It will stop automatically when the device is ready for installation (about 30 minutes).
  • Red rapid double-flash: The doorbell transformer needs replacing. With use and over time, the protection circuitry in a doorbell transformer will degrade, causing its power output to drop below the power required by the Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell Camera.

Note: If installation is attempted and the doorbell transformer’s power output does not meet the required power, the doorbell camera’s LED will flash with a red rapid double-flash pattern. If this pattern persists, the doorbell transformer must be replaced to provide sufficient power for doorbell camera operation.

Can't see videos from your HD Indoor camera or Wi-Fi Outdoor Doorbell camera

Disconnect your device(s) from their power source, then reconnecting them. Often, this will correct any problems viewing videos.

Videos are slow or lag
Verify your Internet speed. The cameras needs 256 Kbps of upload speed.

Videos are slow or buffer

Check the speed of your Internet access. Camera feeds need at least 2.5 Mbps of download speed.

Your monthly video clip maximums

By default, you can upload 1000 video clips per month. In the top right-hand corner of the video pages, you will see an upload limit icon. Clicking on this icon will show a pop-up indicating how many uploads are included in your service plan and how many remain.

Note: Unused uploads will not carry over from month to month. On the first day of each month, your upload limit will reset.

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