Report a spam message

How to spot a spam text message and report it for free using 7726

What to do if you receive a spam text message

  • Forward the spam message to the short code 7726 (SPAM) so that we can start an investigation. If you receive a number of spam texts, we recommend putting 7726 into your contact list so that you don't need to remember the numbers
  • Don't respond directly to a phone number where you believe the spam text originated. Responding alerts the spammer that your number is genuine
  • If you're not able to view the number or if it's email spam, forward us the entire message (along with the full header if it's an email)

It's free to report spam

Reporting Spam to 7726 is free. Messages forwarded to 7726 don't count toward your data or Messaging usage package.

How to forward a text message from your phone to 7726

Forwarding methods will vary, depending on your phone.

  • iPhone:
    1. Touch and hold the message
    2. Select More.
    3. Select the message you want to forward, then select Arrow in the bottom right corner
    4. Enter 7726
    5. Select Send
  • Android and Windows:
    1. Press the message (being careful not to activate a link)
    2. Choose Forward (from the menu)
    3. Forward to 7726
  • BlackBerry:
    1. Open the message
    2. Using the Menu key select Forward
    3. Forward to 7726

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