Freezing / Choppy image (wired)

Freezing / choppy image on wired digital box

These steps will be most helpful if your TV picture keeps stopping or blurring and the audio keeps cutting out on your wireless digital box

If your TV feed keeps on freezing or stopping while you are watching it, there may be something wrong with the connection between the TELUS modem and your digital box. This can also be noticed during recordings.

Ensure your TV is not paused and the fast forward button has been pressed. This will cause the image to appear to be freezing. You can confirm it is playing at normal speed if there is no green bar along the bottom of your screen with a line moving across from left to right.

Attempt these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check a different channel to see if your issue is only on one channel. Chances are the problem will be resolved shortly.

  2. Similarly, you may encounter coloured bars or a message saying “programming unavailable.” If this is the case, there is an issue with the channel and programming will resume once the outage is resolved.

  3. Generally, the picture will freeze if there are loose cables between your devices. By tightening the cables you ensure there is no gap where the information could be getting lost while being transmitted.

    1. Power off all of your digital boxes
    2. Locate your TELUS modem
    3. Ensure all the cables are connected and wrenched tightly to the back of the modem
    4. If there are any cables that go to the wall, ensure those are tight as well
    5. Restart the modem (To restart, unplug the power for 2 minutes and plug it back in)
    6. Wait for the Internet light to be green and blinking If you are using an ethernet cable, wait for the corresponding LAN light to come on
    7. If you are using a coaxial cable, wait for the HPNA light to come on
    8. Locate your PVR (usually the biggest digital box in the home)
    9. Ensure the cables are tight to the back of the digital box
    10. If there are any cables that go to the wall, ensure those are tight as well
    11. Remove the power cable from the back of the PVR for 2 minutes and plug it back in
    12. Turn your TV on and watch the screen
    13. Once you are able to see a show on TV, tune to a live channel (for example channel 513)
    14. If the picture has improved, proceed to another digital box and repeat steps 8 - 12
    15. If the picture is still freezing, please contact us

Recordings that were affected will not be able to be fixed. You can find a vast majority of shows under our On Demand section to catch up on your favorite shows should any be difficult to watch due to picture quality issues.

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