Main control panel

Familiarize yourself with your main control panel

Using another system?

Familiarize yourself with your system

A handy reference is the security panel user guide which has extensive information on all available features. To ensure you have the appropriate time to familiarize yourself with your new alarm system and reduce the chance of unnecessary false alarms, the default of your security system is to remain on a test mode for 48 hours following your installation. Your services will still be monitored during this time, however two-way voice will not be activated and no emergency services will be dispatched via our Central Monitoring Station.

Arm your system

The Ready to Arm screen allows you to arm your panel in stay or away mode:

Note: You can also turn off Entry delay to arm the system without waiting.

Stay: Arming your system in Stay mode only arms the system perimeter only and is typically used during the night when occupants are sleeping.
Away: Arming your system in Away mode arms all the sensors attached to your alarm system and is typically used when occupants are out of the home.

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