Transfer your existing business number to Business Connect

Learn how request a port of your business phone number

Getting started

A few things you’ll need to get started.

  1. A recent phone bill
  • Make sure it’s a current bill less than 30 days old.
  1. Your service address
  • This is the address where your phone rings. This may or may not be the same as your billing address.
  1. Your main Billing Telephone Number (BTN)
  • Look for it on your phone bill
  1. Other Phone numbers you also wish to transfer
  • What type of phone numbers are you transferring?
  • A list of your phone numbers to help stay organized.

How does it work?

Step 1

Submit a transfer request from your TELUS Business Connect™ Voice Manager account. The information you enter must match exactly what’s on record with your current phone service provider.

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the screen in your online account.

Step 3

TELUS will send your transfer request to your current service provider.

Step 4

Set up your greetings, answering rules, etc. for your TELUS Business Connect™ account, so you can make and receive calls on your temporary TELUS Business Connect™ phone numbers until the transfer is complete.

Step 5

TELUS Business Connect™ will notify you by email when your transfer is complete. At that point, your transferred number(s) will be ready to use with TELUS Business Connect™.

Do's and Don'ts

Do be exact.

Your information must match exactly what’s on record with your current phone service provider. If it does not, your transfer will be delayed. Refer to your current bill or contact your current service provider.

Don’t cancel your old phone service.

Wait until after your transfer is complete to cancel your old service. Don’t lose your DSL service. Call your service provider and get a new phone number for your DSL line before you submit your transfer request or you’ll lose your DSL service.

Do remove special features.

Call your current provider and cancel special features (such as remote call forwarding) before submitting your transfer request. Only cancel the features—not the entire phone service.

Do cancel any open pending service orders.

Contact your current provider to cancel any open service orders or confirm they’re complete before placing the transfer request.


Can I switch to TELUS Business Connect™ and keep my current phone number?

Yes. You can keep your current number by transferring it from your current provider to TELUS Business Connect™.

What information is needed to transfer my number?

You’ll need to provide the following information when you submit your transfer request:

Name of the Account Holder (authorized to make changes to the account)
Name of the Company
Billing Telephone Number
Service Address (location where you receive phone service)
Billing Address (required for mobile phone numbers)
Account Number (required for mobile numbers)
PIN (required for mobile numbers)
Please note: All the information must match exactly what’s on record with your current phone provider. If there’s a mismatch, the transfer will be delayed.

How do I check the status of my current number transfer?

Log in to TELUS Business Connect™ Voice Manager account. Select Phone System from the Settings drop down. You’ll see the status of your transfer request in the Company Numbers and Info tab, under Transfer Order Details.

When can I cancel my current phone service?

Wait until the transfer is complete to cancel your phone service. Your number must be active with your provider for it to be transferred to TELUS Business Connect™

How long does it take to complete the transfer process?

It usually takes 15-30 business days to transfer your number. Providing accurate information on your request form speeds it up.

How will I know if you need more information to complete my transfer?

TELUS will email you if more information is needed to complete your transfer request. You’ll also see a notification at the top of the Order Details screen in your TELUS Business Connect™ Voice Manager account.

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