Wireless solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect your devices on Canada’s largest and most reliable wireless network. Continued investments ensure TELUS has the technology, speed, and capacity to support more things communicating in more places.

Leverage our connectivity management platform to minimize the complexity and cost of managing your connected assets to run a more profitable IoT business. Our connectivity management platform allows you to launch, manage and monetize your connected assets with real-time visibility and timely control.

Key Features

  • Reliable global connectivity

  • Connectivity management platform

  • Dedicated IoT core network

  • Advanced and secure wireless network

  • Expert IoT solutioning and support

Seamlessly manage your various IoT devices

A true global connectivity platform

For companies with global requirements, TELUS helps you gain back valuable time to focus on your business with seamless and permanent IoT connectivity in over 190 countries. 

  • Simplify operations, reduce costs and add value to your customers with one central connectivity management platform and best-in-class global SIM.

  • Learn more about TELUS Global Connect, our worldwide IoT connectivity management platform.

Designed for Critical IoT needs

Our platform is designed to accommodate IoT applications which require dense coverage, ultra-low latency, and high data throughput. Critical IoT device features:

  • Ultra-reliability

  • Low latency

  • Small coverage area

  • High energy consumption

  • Constant data transmission

How TELUS achieves 98%+ global connectivity



TELUS partnered with the world's largest federation of Mobile Network Operators (MNO's).



Have access to regulated markets, better network performance and better pricing from local MNO's.



Do business everywhere in the world with the support of TELUS.

Power behind TELUS IoT

Connectivity management platform

Realize cost savings and operational efficiency through the Connectivity Management Self-Serve platform. Manage and lower your costs by closely monitoring usage to avoid overages, all with enterprise-grade security for protection.

Dedicated IoT core network

TELUS has built an infrastructure exclusively for the Internet of Things. That means your IoT implementation will never compete with consumer traffic, which allows for greater flexibility and customization of a tailored solution based on your requirements.

A reliable 4G and LTE-M Network

Canada's most reliable 4G and largest 4G LTE high-speed wireless network. Our LTE-M Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connects directly to a cellular network designed to use minimal power.

Faster integration & deployment

You will be able to quickly implement a new connectivity solution, or make changes to an existing one. You can easily customize based on your requirements and unique business needs. 

Highly redundant IoT network

Our highly redundant IoT network design ensures that there are multiple pathways for your data to connect to your backend application. In the event of a network failure, your IoT device data is quickly switched over to an alternate path.

Expert IoT solutioning and support

Consult with a team of IoT professionals that integrate technology end-to-end, from hardware to applications. Access dedicated 24/7 customer support that covers all aspects of your deployment.

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