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HSIA (Packaged ADSL)

TELUS' Partner Reseller Internet product was developed as an alternative for partners wishing to sell unmanaged DSL services to end users, without bearing the start-up costs associated with some VPOP services. It is an ideal fit for end customers running non mission-critical applications/services across TELUS' incumbent territories in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec.

The TELUS Business ADSL Resale service is an unmanaged Internet access service based on ADSL technology. It enables customers to establish a high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) data access path or interconnection from their sites or to the Internet. Provisioned from the TELUS core network, the Business ADSL Service includes local access through a dedicated business telephone line from the central office to the customer site, and terminates on a modem at the customer site, both provided by TELUS. All in-building service components required to install TELUS’ Business ADSL Services at each customer site are included, up to the ADSL modem.

Key Features

  • Low cost startup

  • Fully installed and managed by TELUS

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