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One Voice - SIP Trunking

One Voice can be your single SIP Trunking solution, offering the greatest national coverage, self-serve simplicity and competitive rates, fully supported by a reliable national network.

At TELUS, we understand efficiency, reliability, and self-serve simplicity matter in today’s competitive market. Our end-to-end solution enables service providers to deliver on customers’ needs in real-time speeds, fully supported by a robust, reliable network. With One Voice, you’re guaranteed a scalable, secure, and national service offering with API integration. Our experienced team can work with you to design a communications platform to improve your business needs. One Voice is unlocking endless opportunities, enabling you to compete with real-time voice solutions.

Key Features

  • Largest national footprint

  • Inbound & bi-directional channels

  • Rate centre aggregation

  • Channel burstability

  • API Integration

  • Self-serve portal

Greatest national SIP trunking footprint

Our next-generation SIP trunking solution covers the most rate centres of all carriers for new number requests, covering 94% of the Canadian population. Instead of using multiple providers to manage your inventory, our SIP trunking solution can be your single provider for your entire national footprint.

Network monitoring & channel bursting

With network monitoring and channel burstability, you don't need to pay for unused capacity but can still manage your spikes in traffic without any impact to your network. Use the available utilization reports to decide if you need to increase your monthly subscribed channels at any time.


Largest Canadian footprint with rate centre aggregation

Real time DID provisioning

API integration for new DIDs and LNP orders

Simplified network utilization and management

CDN, US and International call termination

A la carte features: N911, CNAM

Benefits of SIP trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), is a powerful and efficient communications method. Why are businesses choosing SIP Trunking?

Business growth

Supports business need for fast growth across multiple geographic locations.

Cost savings

Eliminates the need to purchase PRIs (Primary rate interfaces) or local PSTN gateways.

Network consolidation

Reduces overlapping networks and duplicative equipment, enabling organizations to move their voice and data into a single network.

One Voice self-serve simplicity

Learn how the self-serve portal compares to others in the marketplace:

Portal functionalityTELUSCarrier ACarrier B
Bulk order optionYesNoNo
Allows multiple rate centers in a single orderYesNoYes
Ability to filter orders and export to excelYesNoNo
Informs user of duplicate DIDsYesNoYes
Obtain new DIDs in secondsYesNoNo


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