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Create up to four dedicated networks with TELUS Business Wi-Fi

The TELUS technician who installs your Business WiFi service will configure a password for encrypted dedicated Private and Guest networks (up to 4).

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Enable or disable a dedicated network

  • Select Network and Wireless Settings from the left navigation bar.

  • Select the SSID from the dropdown menu, choose either Enabled or Disabled, and hit Save Changes.

When the network is disabled, your users will be unable to detect it or connect to it. If your encryption setting is left Open (no encryption), users will not be required to enter a password when accessing your network.

Network password change

  • Select the desired network in the SSID drop-down menu.

  • Select Encrypted with password and enter the password of your choice.

  • Choose a WPA2 (recommended) or WEP password and hit Save changes.

When the Encrypted with password option is selected, your users will be required to enter the password prior to connecting to the network.

If you need to add or edit a password following the installation, you can do so by selecting Network and Wireless Settings in your dashboard or by calling Customer Support at 1-888-611-9988.

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