Office Phone voicemail setup

How to create a password, select a greeting and access your mailbox

Your mailbox number is your 10-digit phone number (your area code followed by your phone number).

First time set up: Office phone

  1. Pick up your phone handset, wait for a dial tone, then dial *98
  2. When asked to enter your password for the first time, enter your 10-digit phone number
  3. Follow the recorded instructions to:
  • Create your permanent password. Your password must be 4 to 15 digits long. Choose a password that is hard for others to guess. Avoid using repetitive and sequential numbers such as 1111, 1234, etc.
  • Next, choose whether you want to bypass your password when calling from your own phone

Note: To protect your privacy and security, TELUS recommends you do not select this bypass option. If you choose not to bypass password, please press * when prompted.

  • Record your name
  • Record your personal greeting. This greeting is what callers will hear before they leave a message for you
  1. Your mailbox is now ready to use

Tips: You can also check messages and manage your mailbox settings online, including forwarding your voicemail to your e-mail online. Please refer to Setting up your web access for additional steps.

Star and pound keys

Use the star and pound keys on your phone when you are in your mailbox to:

  1. Pound key (#): Complete an entry or skip instructions
  2. Star key (*): Return to a previous menu
  3. Star key twice (* *): Exit your mailbox


You can choose which greeting callers will hear when you're unavailable:

  1. Personal greeting: This is a greeting that you record using your own voice. Your greeting may be up to 60 seconds long
  2. Standard system greeting: If you don't want to use your own greeting, you can use the standard system greeting which will tell callers you are unavailable

Accessing your mailbox

You have 3 easy options to access your office phone voicemail:

  1. To access your voicemail from anywhere you get email, set up your voicemail to e-mail notifications. This is great for use at the office, or on the go
  2. To access your mailbox from your office phone, wait for a dial tone, then dial *98
  3. To access your voicemail when you are away from home:
  • If you are in Canada, call your 10-digit business number, or call 1-844-310-9898 toll free. Press star (*) during your greeting, then enter your password


  • If you are outside of Canada, call your 10-digit phone number, or call any of the below voicemail access numbers (international long distance charges may apply). Press star (*) during your greeting, then enter your password:
  • 4032648283
  • 7804201414
  • 2506586311
  • 6044085200
  • 4166233322
  • 4183861071


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