My TELUS Support Requests FAQ

How do I submit a request?

Logging a service request with us is straightforward and easy, and avoiding the phone for all your non-urgent requests will save you time.

  • Log in to My TELUS
  • Find the Support Requests card on your Overview page by scrolling down past your account(s) tile.
  • Click on the Go to Support Requests button
  • Find the category for which your request will most likely fall under. You can see the various categories and requests here.
  • Then, find the applicable form and complete it with the necessary information.
  • Click on the Submit button.

You will receive a confirmation number to be able to track the progress of your request and view it from your request dashboard.

What happens after I submit a request?

Once you complete the form and submit your request, TELUS Business Support will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Where can I check the status of my request?

Your active requests can be found on the Support Requests category page.

  • From Overview, scroll down to Go to Support Requests
  • Then scroll below the main categories to All Requests
  • From there you can keep track of all your active and previous requests

What if I can’t find the Support request topic I’m looking for?

If you can’t find the Support option you’re looking for, please use the My TELUS inquiry form.

This form can be found under the Account management category and is used for help with the My TELUS profile or your other self-serve options.

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