Manage your data using toggles

The Data Access Toggle allows account managers the ability to quickly enable/disable data for an individual subscriber within your account.

  1. Log into your My TELUS profile

  2. Select Usage in the menu bar

    Adding Fast Passes and data top-ups / Online / Usage Image
  3. Select the desired account, then the subscriber (if applicable)

    View airtime and text messages / Select account
  4. Scroll down to the Usage bar to find the Data toggle

    Data Access Toggle
  5. Use this toggle to manage access to data

    • Toggle On (green) to enable access to data

    • Toggle Off (grey) to disable access to data


  • This action is only available via your My TELUS profile

  • There may be a lag before internet access is actually blocked

  • Wi-Fi may be required to access a website or app in order to turn data back on, as the subscriber will no longer have access to cellular data

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