Conference on demand - Quick tips

Here are some helpful tips on how to manage your conference call.

How to get assistance or report a problem when you’re on a call.

  • Press *0 while on your conference call to report the issue to a TELUS conference representative. In most cases, the agent can solve the problem while your call is in progress.

    • Have the following information ready: conference number, participant/moderator PIN code, description of the issue

  • If your conference call has ended, please call 1-877-944-MEET (6338) to report the problem.

Managing a noisy line during a phone conference

Ever attended a teleconference where one participant had a noisy line that made it difficult to hear the conversation? Here are a few things you can do to manage noise during a call:

  • Mute your line by pressing *6. When you need to speak, press *6 again.

  • If you are the meeting host and one of your participants has a noisy line, ask him or her to press *6 to mute their line.

  • If you are the meeting host, you can place all participant lines in listen-only mode by pressing *9 (Lecture Mode). Press *9 again to re-enable. This is useful for audio meetings or presentations where you don’t want any interruptions.

  • Press *0 to talk to a conference representative who can locate the noisy line and mute or disconnect it.

Eliminating other sources of teleconference distractions

  • If you are using a speakerphone, ensure it is located in a quiet location. If you are using a projector during your phone conference, ensure the speakerphone is kept as far away from the projector as possible to limit fan noise. Mute the speakerphone when you are not speaking.

  • Avoid using three-way calling to add other participants on to the bridge. Audio conference participants should call in individually.

  • When using an IP phone or a mobile phone, press *6 to mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Practice good conference call etiquette

If your mobile phone rings or someone enters the vicinity of the conference call to talk to you, that conversation is a distraction to other participants.

You may be inclined to simply put a conference call on hold to tend to the distraction, but doing this initiates on-hold music that’s disruptive to those on the audio conference.

You must first mute your line by pressing *6. You can then place your phone on hold without music being imported into the conference call. When you return to the meeting, press *6 again to re-enable your line.

Secure your audio conference

If you’re concerned about the security of your meeting, there are a number of ways to secure your phone conference:

  • Regularly request new PIN codes by contacting the TELUS Collaboration Services team at 1-877-944-MEET (6338).

  • Lock your conference call meeting. The host can prevent additional participants from joining by pressing *4 to lock the meeting. Press *5 to unlock.

24/7/365 help at your fingertips

Help is always available. You can reach a TELUS conference representative at any time during your conference call by pressing *0.

To find more teleconferencing tips, speak to a TELUS conference representative for reservations, general enquiries or assistance by calling 1-877-944-MEET (6338).

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