Change your mobile phone number

Change your number within the same province, free of charge, using My TELUS.

  1. Log in to My TELUS

  2. Select Plans & Devices

    My TELUS Plans & Devices
  3. Select Device

    My TELUS Device tab
  4. From the Manage your device section, select Manage your phone number

    My TELUS Manage your device
  5. Select Find a new number to search from a pool of our available numbers OR Transfer your phone number to swap an existing number from another service provider

    My TELUS Manage phone number
  6. Follow the steps presented, filling out all necessary fields

  7. Once you've completed the steps, your phone number has been changed. The new number will be active within 15 minutes

  8. Once active, power your phone off and back on

  9. Place a test call to ensure your new number is working properly

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