Audio Conference Service Terms

The terms in this section, called the “service terms”, apply to a group of services or a specific service within a group.

1.0 TELUS Audio Conferencing Services

The following service terms apply to all TELUS Audio Conferencing call types and features, including:

Conference on Demand
Special Event Conferencing
Professional Conferencing
Crisis Management Conferencing
Audio Conference Recording
Audio Conference Playback on Demand
Audio Conference North America Toll Free Access
Audio Conference Global Overseas Toll Free Access
Audio Conference Operator Dial-Out Long Distance
Audio Conference Local Access

1.1 General Description

Audio Conferencing encompasses a group of conference call types and services offered by TELUS which enable three or more participants to connect on a telephone or mobile device without special equipment, including:

Conference on Demand: provides conference calls without having to reserve ports in advance by providing users with dial in numbers plus moderator and participant passcodes. The variable charge for Conference on Demand applies to each minute of use per audio conference line (port).
Special Event Conferencing: provides operator assistance with conference calls designed for large (over 50 connections) presentations and events, facilitated by a TELUS conference coordinator, with a maximum of ten operator dial out lines. The variable charge for Special Event Conferencing applies to each minute of use per audio conference line (port).
Professional Conferencing: Participants are called by the Conference Operator and added to the meeting. The variable charge for Professional Conferencing applies to each minute of use per audio conference line (port).
Crisis Management Conferencing: Provides a business continuity and emergency notification tool to gather together critical personnel necessary to respond to a significant event. The chairperson may dial a phone number and enter a passcode to immediately dial out to all required personnel, including multiple numbers for each participant simultaneously. Functionality filters voice mail and limits the conference call to required participants.
Audio Conference North America Toll Free Access: Provides toll free access to the conference bridge to all participants of the conference call, via a special North America toll free number. You are responsible for all long distance charges associated with use of the special toll free number by participants of the conference call, at the variable charge for Audio Conference Toll Free Access for each minute of use per line (port) in addition to all other applicable charges.
Audio Conference Operator Dial-Out Long Distance or LD: Provides operator service to dial out to one or more participants for Professional or Special Event Conferencing. You are responsible for flat rate Operator handled long distance charges for any operator dial out calls to locations outside of the local calling area, at the variable charge specified for each minute of use per line (port) in addition to all other applicable charges.
Audio Conference Global Overseas Toll Free Access: provides a toll-free number(s) to dial into TELUS Audio Conferencing from various countries throughout the world. All charges are billed to the moderator and rates vary depending upon country of origin.
Audio Conference Recording and Playback on Demand: Provides digital recording and dial-in access via playback on demand. The charges specified apply to each recording downloaded or provided. The variable charge for Playback on Demand applies on a per minute basis.
Audio Conference Local Access: Provides participants in specified major metropolitan areas with dial-in access via local telephone numbers to Conference on Demand, Professional, Special Event and Crisis Management Conferencing. Local access numbers are provided at no additional charge from: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

1.2 Customer Responsibilities

For Audio Conferencing Services:

Conference moderator Audio Conference account(s) are for the sole use of your specified employee listed as the moderator account owner.
Conference host accounts will not be provisioned generically and are not to be shared between your employees or any other individuals.
Only your employee listed as the conference moderator account owner (moderator) may host conferences.
Failure to comply with the above may impact reporting, Customer support and conference operator assistance.

1.3 Termination

You may cancel the Audio Conferencing Services without payment of service cancellation charges by providing TELUS with a minimum 30 days’ prior written notification.

In the event [TELUS] is not notified of the Audio Conferencing services cancellation, you will remain responsible and you will be billed for all usage of the Audio Conferencing services.

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