Kroll pharmacy management solution

Backed by four decades of pharmacy experience, Kroll is a reliable, efficient, forward-thinking platform that integrates prescription management with professional services.

Build your pharmacy of the future with Kroll

Whether your pharmacy is independent or part of a pharmacy group, Kroll can help you fill prescriptions with confidence, operate more efficiently, and engage your patients in their own care. You also have the assurance of knowing that with Kroll you’re set up for the future.

Modernize your practice

Kroll’s robust, customizable and evolving solution supports the changing needs of your pharmacy and shows patients you’re committed to their health - today and tomorrow.

Become more agile

Gain operational efficiencies with digital add-ons that help lighten administrative burden, encourage patient engagement, and improve your dispensing workflow.

Help enhance patient safety

Help reduce the potential for dispensing errors with built-in adverse drug event detection, support for allergies and medical conditions, barcode scan verification and more.

Build your future-forward pharmacy

Ready to discover how to improve efficiency with Kroll?

Here’s what Kroll can do for you

Configure Kroll for your needs

Kroll’s robust set of features can be configured to meet the specific needs of your pharmacy or pharmacy group. Help improve patient, physician and payer management activities, by leveraging shortcuts for the most frequent steps from Kroll.

Help maximize pharmacy efficiency

For 40 years, Kroll has helped pharmacies improve efficiencies with embedded features plus add-ons such as Kroll Workflow, a dispensing workflow to help prevent filling errors and free up pharmacists’ time, and a tool to move to a paperless operation.

Get support for your expanding role

As your profession evolves, so does Kroll. Now you can access documentation and billing support for professional services such as medication reviews, immunizations and, where applicable, pharmacist adaptation and extension of prescriptions.

Stay connected to your patients

Patients are leaning toward modern ways to access healthcare services1. Digital add-ons like PharmaConnect with online appointment booking, and Virtual Consultation can meet patient expectations while enhancing your high standards of care.

Fill prescriptions with confidence

Use clinical tools such as a drug interaction checker and master compounding formulas - right from Kroll. Add Kroll Care Plus, powered by RxVigilance, and gain access to robust tools and 7,500 pages of Canadian drug and health information.

Help simplify employee onboarding

The Kroll interface is intuitive and user-friendly making onboarding staff quick and easy. In fact, many Canadian universities and colleges use Kroll to teach tomorrow’s pharmacists and technicians.

Generate multi-location reports

Kroll is optimized for pharmacy chains and banners. Transactional information from multiple locations can be housed in a central database, and tools can be added to allow Head Office personnel to generate reports.

Discover how to make a simple transition to Kroll

Tutorial videos to make the most of your PMS

PharmaConnect with integrated appointment booking
PharmaConnect is the convenient way to connect with your patients. PharmaConnect allows your patients to manage their prescriptions, request refills and book pharmacy appointments through the Online appointment booking feature.

Enhance Kroll with add-on services

Mobile and online service for your patients

Let your patients order refills and book appointments online at their convenience.

Configurable prescription workflow module

Process prescriptions in a structured, standardized manner including batch filling, machine labeling and record storage.

Access online resources

Get training materials, videos, user guides and policy documentation in one place.

Get your team Kroll-certified

Help your team get the most out of your Kroll solution with a one-day, instructor-led eLearning course. Some government reimbursement programs are available.

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