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Add-on integrated with Kroll™

FaxRx Cloud online faxing solution

Benefit from a fast, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the conventional fax machine and fax line with FaxRx Cloud, an integrated, web-based fax module.

Manage faxes directly from Kroll™

Receive and send faxes electronically directly from your pharmacy management solution (PMS) to easily communicate with physicians and other health professionals.

Skip archiving paper faxes

Archive and attach faxes to patient records. This can help you don’t miss or lose your information.

Control who sees what

Ensure the right faxes are seen by the right people. Set up controls so only authorized users can view faxes, and you can easily see who has viewed a document.


Here’s what FaxRx Cloud can do for you

Save time

Avoid trips to the fax machine. Sending faxes online means no more time spent dialing, waiting for the line, or printing and archiving paper documents.

Keep information confidential

Keep track of patient information by making sure faxes are linked to the correct patient file. You can also track who views vital information and configure FaxRx Cloud by role.

Benefit from flexibility and convenience

Send and receive faxes with fewer interruptions. With FaxRx Cloud, you can avoid busy lines and receive multiple faxes simultaneously. In the event of a power outage, your faxes will be received and stored until your electricity is back on.

Cut down costs

With FaxRx Cloud, you can reduce telecommunications and hardware costs. No need to purchase a fax machine and paper, or pay for a fax line.

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