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Change the way you and your patients connect


Empower patients with an intuitive mobile and online service that lets them manage their medication and order refills at their convenience – giving you the freedom to better plan your workday. PharmaConnect™ is a patient communication service that integrates with your Kroll™ pharmacy management system.

Offer your patients added convenience

Serve your patients in a way that’s convenient for them and efficient for you. Your patients can consult their medication file and order refills whenever they want from their mobile device or computer.

A new way to manage your workload

Prescription refill requests arrive directly into Kroll™ and can be prepared in advance for pickup. This means spending less time dealing with calls and faxes and more time to focus on your patients in store.

Let families link their accounts

Offer caregivers a way to oversee their dependents’ medication files and order refills on their behalf. Even your pet’s medication refills can be processed via PharmaConnect.


Discover PharmaConnect

See PharmaConnect™ in action: how simple it is to use and how it integrates with Kroll™.

See how PharmaConnect™ can benefit your patients and your pharmacy.


Helping you be successful

Want a free PharmaConnect kit to promote the service to your patients?

Sign up for PharmaConnect by July 1 and get a free promo kit for your pharmacy.


Let patients manage their medication

Your patients can consult their medication list and request their refills when and where it’s convenient for them. No need to call or go to the pharmacy and wait for prescriptions to be prepared: they simply pick them up when they’re ready.

Facilitate refill orders

Make it simple to manage refills. Your patients receive refill reminders that encourage them to order their prescriptions with the app. This solution can help ease your pharmacy’s workload and help patients better understand their drug treatment by viewing their medication information.

Support caregivers

Help simplify life for those who care for children, the elderly or the disabled. Linking accounts makes it quick and easy for caregivers to manage their dependents’ prescriptions. Pets medication can also be managed via PharmaConnect™.

Register for our webinar

Join us for a 30-minute PharmaConnect™ webinar on June 12, 2019.


Streamline workflows at your pharmacy and help build customer loyalty. PharmaConnect™ is an efficient tool that offers your patients an easy way to manage their medications.


What PharmaConnect™ offers


For patients

  • See their prescription history, including the drugs they’ve bought at a particular pharmacy
  • Order refills from their mobile device or computer
  • Take a photo of a new prescription and it gets sent directly to the pharmacy Kroll™ PMS
  • Request that a family member or caregiver be given access to their account and drug profile for prescription ordering and pick up
  • Manage their pet’s medication
  • Access the status of their order.


For independent pharmacies

  • Diversify the service you offer your patients with an easy to use mobile and online tool that lets your patients access the prescriptions they’re currently taking, request refills and manage their dependents’ and pets medication.
  • Minimize transcription errors and focus more of your time on your in-store patients
  • Prescription refill requests are sent to your pharmacy - the order is added and prioritized in your ‘To Do list’ on your Kroll™ dashboard
  • Display your store information and be included in the Find a Pharmacy section of the tool (if your pharmacy doesn’t have a website)


For pharmacy chains and banners

  • Create an original offering that can be shared by all your pharmacies with the white labeled version of PharmaConnect™
  • Use PharmacyLink™ to create your own, customized user interface for all the pharmacies you support

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