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Unlocking Talent with Technology

With an end to the pandemic on the horizon, many employers are grappling with new challenges. How will we succeed in a hyper-competitive global talent market?

Offering a competitive benefit plan

With 54% of Canadian employers planning to invest in digital health solutions over the next five years, is your health plan ready to compete?

Put employee concerns at the centre of workplace planning

Leveraging the lessons learned over the past six months to help navigate the challenges ahead.

Rethinking how we work

Explore how HR teams can help define their organization’s “next normal” with input from home-based employees and managers.

Ready for the new decade? Six HR resolutions

Get inspired by six HR resolutions you can take to start off the year right and help improve your company’s bottom line.

40 Ways to Get Through Year-End with a Smile

November to February is a busy time for HR and Payroll. Here are 40 tips to help you put your plan together and have you smiling through year-end.

Virtual care: Your answer for a healthy workforce

Employers can improve the health and satisfaction of their workforce, increase their productivity, and lower benefits costs by offering virtual healthcare to their employees.

Why HR and IT will live happily ever after

This article outlines five reasons why the future of HR and IT are deeply interconnected and how technological solutions can strongly impact your organization’s success.

Keep or toss? Why you need a record retention strategy

Get inspired on best practices for document management and compliance by consulting this article and our tip sheet.

How to attract, retain and engage the next generation

Explore the diverse values, skill sets and expectations of today’s multi-generational workforce, and get practical tips to tailor your recruitment and retention strategies for optimal results.

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