Putting our customers first

We are committed to deepening customer relationships and sharing our extensive experiential knowledge.

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Our promise

We put customers at the heart of all that we do, learning from their feedback to deliver optimal experiences.

Helping one of Canada's major retailers get back on track

Watch how our High Performance Workforce solution helped Holt Renfrew better align with its employees goals and values to produce a more productive workplace environment.

Our solutions

Whatever your HR challenges, we have the talent and tools to help your organization thrive.

Health and human services

Cost-effective, innovative solutions for complex, multi-union organizations such as government agencies and health care organizations.


Targeted solutions for some of Canada’s largest school districts.

Private sector

Our robust solutions serve businesses excelling in diverse fields, from insurance to tires, retail and more.

Future friendly HR solutions

With TELUS Employer Solutions as your trusted partner for HR and payroll functions, you can focus on your people and leave IT management to us. That means your organization could reduce its costs while still delivering excellent employee services.