Offering a competitive benefit plan


If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life can change in the blink of an eye. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to find a new normal. From ordering groceries online, to mobile apps that have your favourite coffee waiting for you curb-side– technology has proven indispensable in navigating today’s world.

You have likely investigated technology solutions for your business as well – from cloud-based services to ensure on-going client support, to VPN and other privacy services to support teleworking for your employees.

The healthcare industry is no different. Technology to enable virtual visits with family physicians has exploded onto the scene, and the Canadian private health insurance market is also adopting technologies that offer innovative, value-added services to employers and employees.

Is your health plan ready to compete?

Your employees are your most valuable asset. But attracting and retaining top talent is not always easy.


More than half (54%) of Canadian employers plan to invest more in digital health solutions over the next five years.¹


Today’s tech-savvy employees not only demand a comprehensive health benefit plan – they want the digital services that make benefiting from their plan fast and easy.

With 54% of Canadian employers planning to invest in digital health solutions over the next five years¹, is your health plan ready to compete?

Promote wellness – without costing an arm and a leg

Employers are learning the undeniable value of employee health and well-being – both in terms of its impact on the employee’s productivity, but also in the employee’s overall satisfaction with its employer.


67% of companies that institute wellness programs saw an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.²


One obstacle some employees face in maintaining health is out-of-pocket costs.³ Imagine if you could reduce this burden for your employees.

It’s possible with direct billing.

  • It’s a free service for your employees and it’s already included in your benefit package
  • Your employees only pay for the portion of the service not covered by the insurance plan – saving out-of-pocket expenses and the hassle of submitting claims and waiting for payments

Direct billing is making it easier for people to access private healthcare services – an important step towards improving the health of Canadians. Access to the right treatment, at the right time not only improves health outcomes, but also makes for a more efficient and focused workforce for employers.

With lower out-of-pocket expenses, employees are more inclined to keep their appointments, improve their physical condition and thus productivity at work without seriously impacting their personal budget. Completing full treatment cycles improves long-term recovery prognosis, allowing employees to better control future flare-ups, minimize the amount of time in pain, and reduce missed work.

Insurance payment in the 21st century.

Today’s consumer expects fast and easy payment options wherever they are, whether through the simple tap of a credit or debit card at the grocery store, or the click of a mouse online. The same is true with health insurance payments.


More and more Canadians are asking for direct billing. A study by IPSOS Marketing and TELUS Health4 found that:

  • 50% would consider changing healthcare professionals in order to benefit from direct billing
  • 80% believe eClaims would improve their experience at healthcare professionals’ clinics
  • Nearly 70% select a healthcare professional according to the portion of the fees they must pay


Whether healthcare is received in-person or virtually, today’s direct billing services allow healthcare professionals to submit claims online on behalf of your employees, helping to minimize financial impact on your employees.

  • Enhance the perceived quality of your benefit plan to increase employee engagement
  • Demonstrate a progressive culture towards health benefits
  • Increase employee satisfaction due to faster payments and fewer out-of-pocket expenses


Getting started is easy – and free!

The eClaims service is already supported by many insurance companies including Canada Life, Manulife and Sun Life, and is offered by more than 60,000 healthcare professionals across Canada.

For many insurers, direct billing is included in their standard benefit plan. The insurance companies that subscribe to the service cover the costs in order to stay competitive as well as to reduce their volume of paper claims and the high costs associated with processing paperwork.

All your employees need to do is ask for it at their next appointment. They can use our search tool to see if their healthcare professional already offers eClaims.

Share this article with your employees so they can learn more about direct billing.  




⁴ Market research performed by IPSOS Marketing, on behalf of TELUS Health (2018)