2022 TELUS Business #StandWithOwners prize winners

We’re empowering business owners by sharing their incredible stories of community impact and how technology is enhancing their business. Read below to learn about our recently selected winners.

Congratulations to our Technology Refresh winner this Small Business Month.

Gabi & Jules is a bakery with an incredible business story, focused on inclusive hiring practices and positive impact on their local community.

We look forward to giving them a boost with TELUS Business mobility, PureFibre 2.5G, Secure Business, Wi-Fi & Business Connect® as well as technology from this years’ partners Cisco & Samsung.


September winners

Stephen Perry

Owner, Brunswick Engineering Group

Saint John, NB

Brunswick Engineering Group is a collective of highly skilled engineers and technologists that offer consulting and engineering services to independent business owners. Discover Brunswick Engineering Group.

Jamie Parker & Mike Wenzlawe

Owners, Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Calgary, AB

Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. is an eco-conscious organic coffee roastery and outdoor lifestyle brand based in Calgary, Alberta. Discover Calgary Heritage Roasting Co.

Marilyne Bouchard

Owner, BKIND

Montreal, QC

BKIND is an eco-friendly beauty and skin care company that uses natural ingredients to create products that are suitable for vegans. Discover BKIND.

Joshua English & Monica Musteilier

Owners, Little Havana Cafe y Bodega

Toronto, ON

Little Havana Cafe y Bodega is a Cuban themed café that serves delicious coffee alongside Caribbean inspired home décor. Discover Little Havana Cafe y Bodega.

Leigh Joseph

Owner, Skwálwen Botanicals

Brackendale, BC

Skwálwen Botanicals is an Indigenous skincare brand that makes high-quality beauty products from ethically sourced plant ingredients. Discover Skwálwen Botanicals.

Brandon Marton & Omar Miller

Owners, Hinton Scaffold Solutions

North York, ON

Hinton Scaffold Solutions is a BIPOC-led engineering firm that offers scaffold erection, dismantling and consulting services with a focus on safety. Discover Hinton Scaffold Solutions.

Thomas Woegerer & David Yeaman

Owners, Molded Precision Components

Oro-Medonte, ON

Molded Precision Components is an engineering company that makes performance-critical molded plastics for a wide range of clients within the manufacturing industry. Discover Molded Precision Components.

Ivy Chen

Co-owner, CMEOW

Markham, ON

CMEOW is a food delivery and route optimization technology company that provides innovative logistics to help local businesses transport goods more efficiently. Discover CMEOW.

Lauren Sears, Bradley Daye & Matt Thomson

Owners, Placemaking 4G

Halifax, NS

Placemaking 4G is a job recruitment company that helps employers build more inclusive teams through socially conscious recruiting and exemplary human dynamics practices. Discover Placemaking 4G.

Jayesh Vekariya & Linda Biggs

Owners, joni

Victoria, BC

Founded in 2020, joni is an innovative menstrual care start-up that makes disposable and reusable menstrual products, based in Victoria, British Colombia. Discover joni.

Sidi Ba & Guillaume Bourque

Owners, Haumana

Montreal, QC

Haumana is a social enterprise that combats over-packaging and food waste in the energy bar industry by offering eco-friendly products that benefit small communities. Discover Haumana.

Stephanie & Peter Wood

Owners, Bear & Joey

Victoria, BC

Bear & Joey is an Australian themed restaurant that offers takeout and events for up to 90 guests in a vibrant and inclusive setting that evokes Sydney’s café culture. Discover Bear & Joey.

Nader Qawasmi & Tamer Agha

Owners, Levant Pizza

Toronto, ON

Levant Pizza is a LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-owned fusion pizzeria that offers a Palestinian take on Sicilian pizza based in Toronto, Ontario. Discover Levant Pizza.

Candina & Chima Elendu

Owners, True North Women’s Safety Apparel

Regina, SK

True North Women’s Safety Apparel is a company that makes safety workwear and apparel for women working in trades and other hazardous environments. Discover True North Women’s Safety Apparel.

Tara, Stephanie & Ian Simmons

Owners, Kool Breeze Farms

Summerside, PEI

Based in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Kool Breeze Farms is a mixed farm that offers a combination of agricultural products and grain crops. Discover Kool Breeze Farms.


August winners

Altaf & Zeb Khandwala

Owners, Bay Polymers

Toronto, ON

Bay Polymers is a recycling facility and a family-run business that specializes in recycling HDPE plastics and other products. Discover Bay Polymers.

Colin, Janelle, Luc & Daniel Rémillard

Owners, Jardins St-Léon Gardens

Winnipeg, MB

Jardins St-Léon Gardens is a small, family-owned farmers’ market located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. As many of the customers are bilingual, offering francophone service is a core part of its operations. Discover Jardins St-Léon Gardens.

Sophie Gray

Owner, DiveThru

Edmonton, AB

DiveThru is an end-to-end platform that connects young people with individual therapy, group therapy and solo support in-person and online. Discover DiveThru.

Inder Nirwan

Owner, Kahani Pictures

Vancouver, BC

Kahani Pictures is a media and documentary film company that advances social and environmental movements by partnering with diverse community voices. Discover Kahani Pictures.

Kim Wiseman

Owner, Kanel Spices

Saint-Eustache, QC

Kanel is a woman-owned business that creates delicious spice blends using natural, premium ingredients and produces handmade kitchen essentials. Discover Kanel Spices.


July winners

Patrick & Lisa Beecroft

Owners, Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies & Baked Goodness

Port Moody, BC

Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies & Baked Goodness is a bakery that produces delicious pies and pastries crafted with premium quality ingredients. Discover Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies & Baked Goodness.

Marie Beaupré, Audrey Woods & Mariane Gaudreau

Owners, Les Mauvaises Herbes

Montreal, QC

Les Mauvaises Herbes is an online store which specializes in the sale of ingredients and accessories for homemade eco-friendly cosmetics and household products. Discover Les Mauvaises Herbes.

Andrew Morrow & Bryan MacDonald

Owners, Breton Brewing Co.

Cape Breton, NS

Breton Brewing Co. is the second craft brewery opened on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia, that offers year-round brews and many seasonal beers. Discover Breton Brewing Co.

Tam Thiyaga & Anotha Thamesh

Owners, Set The Table Kitchen & Co.

Hamilton, ON

Set The Table Kitchen & Co. delivers hot and frozen food to seniors and offer meal prep services to busy families looking for quick and healthy prepared meals. Discover Set The Table Kitchen & Co.

Mélanie Villeneuve

Owner, Urtica Design

Parkland County, AB

Urtica Design is a creative studio that helps first-generation farmers and food-related business owners develop brand marketing strategies so they can sell directly to customers. Discover Urtica Design.


June winners

Josh Peill & Griffin Simony

Owners, SHIFT Accessibility

Calgary, AB

SHIFT Accessibility specializes in creating or modifying homes and businesses to make them more accessible to people with disabilities, and senior people looking to age-in-place. Discover SHIFT Accessibility.

Katerina Juskey & Victoria Mierzwa

Owners, LOHN

Mississauga, ON

LOHN is a luxury candle company sold in over 175 stores Canada-wide. It is run by two Canadian women with an education in chemical engineering and years of experience in the beauty industry. Discover LOHN.

Sina Zere

Owner, Buff Wax Spot

Edmonton, AB

Buff Wax Spot is a BIPOC-owned, entirely women-staffed wax bar with a focus on creating a hyper-inclusive environment, making waxing more accessible for all body types, ethnicities and genders. Discover Buff Wax Spot.

Andrew Drigola & Cara Sumpton

Owners, Apparelmark

Vancouver, BC

Apparelmark is a full-service technical design and development firm servicing startup, emerging and established apparel brands around the globe. Discover Apparelmark.

Reanna Montopoli & Michael Williams

Owners, Trent Health in Motion

Peterborough, ON

Trent Health in Motion is a multidisciplinary healthcare clinic providing a wide range of health services and focuses on inspiring and empowering their community to live a lifestyle that supports optimal health and performance. Discover Trent Health in Motion.


2021 winners

Kristen Hutton & Cindy Black

Owners, Kreative Kustoms

Sherwood Park, AB

Kristen and Cindy are the owners of Kreative Kustoms, Sherwood Park’s hottest gift shop and boutique. Supporting their community is at the heart of their business, showcasing 60+ local vendors and all their handmade items. Discover Kreative Kustoms.

Katie Young

Owner, Klondike Kettle Corn

Yukon, Whitehorse

Katie Young is the owner of Klondike Kettle Corn based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Katie’s ready-to-eat, kettle corn popped up at a local farmers market in 2010 and she’s been expanding her online presence and her line of gourmet snacks ever since. Discover Klondike Kettle Corn.

Julie Carré & Marie-Claud Rioux

Owners, Clinique-École MAMOÜTH

Rimouski, QC

Julie & Marie-Claude run a massage therapy clinic in the heart of downtown Rimouski, transforming lives by implementing strategies to reduce pain and manage stress. They also created an online training platform to help clients during tough times. Discover Clinique-École MAMOÜTH.

Matt Phillips & Andrew Cowan

Owners, Northern Chicken

Edmonton, AB

Matt and Andrew are the owners of Northern Chicken, a queer-owned, employee-focused fried chicken restaurant in Edmonton. They opened to make impactful changes to the hospitality industry and regularly give back to their community. Discover Northern Chicken.

Teara Fraser

Owner, Iskwew Air

Richmond, BC

Teara is the Lead Executive of Iskwew Air, a Métis-woman owned airline, building bridges between traditional air service and the sustainable technology of the future. Her dream is to give a voice to women-identifying, non-binary, and Indigenous people. Discover Iskwew Air.

Janelle Morgan

Owner, Morgan Model Management

Toronto, ON

Janelle Morgan is the owner of Toronto’s modelling agency, Morgan Model Management agency, focused on the need for more diverse, ethnic faces requiring proper representation within the industry. Discover Morgan Model Management.

Irina McKenzie


Vancouver, B.C.

Irina McKenzie is the owner of Vancouver’s FABCYCLE, a Social Enterprise with a mandate to divert textile waste from the landfills and create a more sustainable, zero-waste world. Discover FABCYCLE.

Meaghan & Marie Wright

Owners, Mirror Image Media

Halifax, NS

Mirror Image Media a full-service video production company based in Halifax that prides itself on telling social and environmental impact stories through film and is proudly owned by queer twin sisters, Meaghan & Marie Wright. Discover Mirror Image Media.

Nicole Lachance & Paolo Espinoza

Owners, Gourmet Girl Café and Catering

Sechelt, B.C.

Gourmet Girl Café and Catering is a family run business, owned by Nicole Lachance and Paolo Espinoza, in Sechelt, BC. They’ve never missed an opportunity to give back to their community, providing free meals and making their service accessible to seniors. Discover Gourmet Girl Café & Catering.

Alyza Raithatha & Sapna Sriram

Owners, Integra Health

Toronto, ON

Integra Health is a medical, rehabilitation and wellness clinic owned by two BIPOC women, Dr. Sapna Sriram and Alyza Raithatha, with the mission to help change the way healthcare is delivered. Discover Integra Health.

Lourdes Juan

Owner, Leftovers Foundation

Calgary, AB

The Leftovers Foundation was founded by Lourdes Juan, a non-profit with a dual mission to reduce food waste and increase food access. Their vision is a world where no edible food is wasted. Discover Leftovers Foundation.

Stephen Tyson

Owner, Karbon Brewing

Toronto, ON

Stephen Tyson, the owner of Karbon Brewing Co. in Toronto, crafts beverages that help our planet, by putting climate change at top of mind and aims to be Canada’s first carbon negative brewery. Discover Karbon Brewing.

Alisha Esmail

Owner, Road Coffee

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Alisha Esmail founded Road Coffee located in Saskatoon, with the goal to ensure every cup of coffee holds an impact: to target systemic injustices keeping coffee farmers in poverty. Discover Road Coffee.

Phillippe Gignac & Mikee Gervais

Owners, Uni-Recycle

Trois Rivieres, QC

Philippe Gignac & Mikee Gervais are the owners of Uni-Recycle in Trois-Rivières where they pick up and recycle outdated computers and electronics, then invest their efforts and a percentage of their profits into planting trees. Discover Uni-Recycle.

Nihal Elwan

Owner, Tayybeh

Vancouver, B.C.

Tayybeh is owned by Nihal Elwan and is an operated enterprise that specializes in homestyle Middle Eastern food. It employs refugee Syrian women and is anchored in empowering women who have been displaced from their country. Discover Tayybeh.

Gabrielle Prud’homme

Owner, Almanac Grain

Ottawa, ON

Almanac Grain is an urban stone mill and naturally leavened bakery. Owner Gabrielle Prud’homme serves the freshest of the fresh, made with Canadian heritage grain. Discover Almanac Grain.

Wedad Amiri

Owner, Afflatus Hijab

Edmonton, AB

Afflatus Hijab is a fashion-forward, modest clothing line and social platform. Owner Wedad Amari uses it to give a voice to marginalized women and help change the narrative. Discover Afflatus Hijab.

The Oakley Family

Owners, Goldsmith’s Farm Market & Bakery

Thornbury, ON

Goldsmith’s Farm Market is a family-owned market and bakery. Their farm-fresh products help feed their community and lift up those in need. Discover Goldsmith’s Farm Market & Bakery.

Pawanjit Sohi

Owner, P.S. Sohi Inc.

Surrey, B.C.

Pawan Sohi has provided accounting and tax services in the heart of Surrey, B.C. through his business, P.S. Sohi Inc. They have taken steps to become a paperless office to help save the environment. Discover P.S. Sohi Inc.

Sharon Diep & Dany Sok

Owners, Bamboo Hut Southeast Asian Cuisine

Sylvan Lake, AB

At Bamboo Hut, owners Sharon and Dany love what they do. Their menu is a celebration of their culture and heritage, with a beautiful fusion of Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Thai-inspired flavours. Discover Bamboo Hut Southeast Asian Cuisine.

Harold Julmice & Joanna Chevalier

Owners, Never Was Average

Montreal, QC

Harold and Joanna started Never Was Average to create a safe space in Montréal in which diverse communities can talk openly about current issues. Today, they’re also a community hub for hosting art exhibitions and workshops. Discover Never Was Average.

Adam Lando

Owner, Dad’s Printing

Vancouver, B.C.

Adam Lando makes a positive, lasting impression on his community and beyond with his made-in-Canada custom apparel printing business, Dad’s Printing. Discover Dad’s Printing.

Ryan Knight

Owner, Detailing Knights

Brampton, ON

Ryan Knight’s car detailing business, Detailing Knights, works with the community as a social enterprise that mentors young entrepreneurs. Discover Detailing Knights.

Amy Jackson

Owner, Nativelovenotes

Winnipeg, MB

Amy Jackson shares her cultural heritage while shining a light of positivity and resilience on her community and beyond with her Nativelovenotes. Discover Nativelovenotes.

Jessica Off

Owner, Guess Where Trips

London, ON

Entrepreneur Jessica Off is redefining road trips, supporting local small businesses, and sharing her love of travel with Guess Where Trips. Discover Guess Where Trips.

Simon Paquin

Owner, EcoMaris

Montreal, QC

Simon Paquin is helping youth navigate the challenges of life and the open seas with his environmental nonprofit, EcoMaris. Discover EcoMaris.

The Kummer Family

Owners, Timber River Eco Farms

Timber River, NB

Timber River Eco Farms, owned by the Kummer Family, is giving back to the community and growing greener by the day with sustainable practices to produce their famous Eco Spuds. Discover Timber River Eco Farms.

Krysl Lunardo & Mateo Devalencia

Owners, Sistine

Toronto, ON

Owners Krys & Mateo take a holistic approach to skincare with luxury products featuring clean, green ingredients extracted from nutrient-rich plant life. Discover Sistine.

Mithun Mathew

Owner, SpiceX

St. John's, NL

Mithun Mathew is proving that food made with love spreads love, with SpiceX, an Indian restaurant serving up big flavours and even bigger heart. Discover SpiceX.


2020 winners

Meet the owners

Small business is the heartbeat of every neighborhood. Throughout 2020, we featured owners from across the country, and shared their incredible stories of running a small business during COVID-19.