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CRTC-mandated Universal Call Blocking

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) has mandated that telecommunications companies implement measures to protect Canadian consumers against unsolicited and fraudulent calls.

To comply, other carriers will start implementing Universal Call Blocking as early as November 2019. 
TELUS will not be implementing Universal Call Blocking
 as we provide a call filtering solution that protects our consumer customers from suspected nuisance calls.

Read more to learn about how universal call blocking may impact your service.

Impacts to business customers

While TELUS expects that most calls will go through without any issue, there may be times when calls will be blocked, such as:

  • Unassigned North American area codes (e.g. 005-143-4561, 000-000-0000, or 123-456-7890)

  • North American calls that have more than 10 digits (e.g. 905-243-4561-1234). This does not include long distance calls that begin with the number 1 (e.g. 1-800-223-1234 or 1-613-245-1234)

  • Calls originating internationally with more than 15 digits (e.g. 33-131-234-456-234 or 44-131-234-456-234)

Please note that 9-1-1 calls will not be blocked regardless of the calling number.
 Additionally, this does not impact numbers that are toll-free, listed as private, or have a valid calling number as outlined by the North American and International numbering plans.

Next steps

As a result, it may be necessary to reconfigure your equipment to ensure that all telephone numbers conform with the North American and International numbering plans (using active, assigned numbering plans) in order to avoid having your calls blocked.

The simplest way to determine if you have a non-compliant number is to call a TELUS mobile device and view the Call Display, or to see what your telephone number is displaying, call our toll-free, automated support number 1-855-925-5006.

TELUS Business Connect customers

If you have configured your Calling number to a non-compliant number, you may correct it by taking the following steps:

1. In Voice Manager, select 
 in the banner bar 2. Select the 
Phone Number/User
 to correct 3. Choose 
Call Handling and Forwarding
4. Select 
 and then under 
Displayed Incoming Caller ID
, click 
5. Remove the checkmark under 
Add Special Numbers
6. Click 
7. Repeat above steps for additional users, if required

If you are unable to update your calling number in the TELUS Business Connect Voice Manager, please contact the TELUS Business Connect support team by calling 1-844-626-6638.

TELUS SIP Trunking customers

You are encouraged to verify the configuration of your equipment by performing a SIP call trace. Based on the results, you may be required to reconfigure your equipment.

If you have questions, please contact TELUS IP Trunking support by calling 1-800-663-0333 or 1-877-835-8787 in Quebec.

TELUS Cloud Collaboration customers

TELUS will contact you if you have a non-compliant Calling Line ID. If you have a PRI service from another provider, you may be required to contact that provider to re-configure your calling line ID.

If you have questions, please contact contact the TELUS Cloud Collaboration service desk by calling 1-855-345-3009. Please have your Project Number, Site Name, and System Type, which can be found in your welcome guide information, available as it will help us access your account details and assist you faster.


How do I determine if my calling line ID will be impacted?

  • Check with you equipment provider on the information being sent out with the call. Otherwise you can call your mobile phone to check the display.

How do I determine if my outbound calls will be impacted?

  • If you find that your calls are not going to your customers then your calls are being blocked by the receiving carrier.

Will calls coming to my lines still go through?

  • TELUS’ filtering would not impact any calls that are being sent confirming to the North American Numbering plan.

How do I fix the calling lines to ensure my lines are not impacted?

  • Check with you equipment provider on the information being sent out with the call and have them update the information so that it meets the CRTC guidelines.

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