Automatic account withdrawals – terms of service

Legal information about TELUS pre-authorized account withdrawals

Terms of service for automatic account withdrawals

The following terms of service apply to pre-authorized account withdrawals for the purpose of paying your TELUS account balance every month from your account at a Canadian financial institution. A void personalized cheque pre-printed by your financial institution with your name and address must be provided with your application. In these terms of service, “you” refers to a TELUS client who wishes to authorize automatic withdrawals from a deposit account to pay for TELUS services.


By signing a Personal Pre-Authorized Debit form, either electronically or on paper, you provide instructions to your financial institution to debit your account, as identified on the form, each month to pay for goods and services purchased from TELUS in that month under the account number identified on the form or any other account number you may designate later in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Payments Association. To permit the debit of your account, TELUS and your financial institution require the signed permission of all the holders of this account whose signatures are necessary to draw a cheque upon the account. You authorize TELUS to disclose the contents of your Personal Pre-Authorized Debit form to any financial institution that will be involved in giving effect to the transfer of funds. The automatic debit is authorized for personal purposes, in amounts that may vary each month, with no maximum amount.

Account Information

You formally declare that all account information on your Pre-Authroized Payment form is accurate and you agree to inform TELUS in writing of any change in your account information at least 15 business days prior to the date of your next TELUS bill. Payments refused for inaccurate account information will incur an administration fee of $25.


Your TELUS bill will show the amount and date of each debit once the pre-authorized debit becomes effective. Your next bill will not show a pre-authorized debit and you must pay the amount of the bill through other means to avoid late payment charges. Pre-authorization debits will show on your TELUS bill beginning with the billing period after your next bill.
Your account may be debited as soon as the bill is produced and you waive pre-notification of the amounts and dates of the withdrawals

Reimbursement of disputed debits

You may dispute a debit you have not authorized or for which you have revoked your authorization. To be reimbursed, you must sign a declaration made to your financial institution within 90 calendar days after the debit.

Revocation of authorization

You may revoke this authorization at any time by sending a written notice to TELUS at least 30 days in advance, to TELUS Client Payment Services, PO Box 2990, Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X4. Such revocation shall not end or alter any contract that exists between you and TELUS. For more information, please visit the Canadian Payments Association web site at

Standard recourse statement

You have certain recourse rights if any debit does not comply with this agreement. For example, you have the right to received reimbursement for any debit that is not authorized or is not consistent with this agreement. To obtain more information on your recourse rights, contact your financial institution or visit

English language

You hereby acknowledge your request that this authorization and any related documents be written in the English language. Vous reconnaissez par les présentes votre demande que cette autorisation et tout document connexe soient rédigés en langue anglaise.

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