TELUS Dedicated Office Internet Terms

The terms in this section, called the “service terms”, apply to a group of services or a specific service within a group.

1.0 Internetworking Services

The following service terms apply to all Internetworking Services.

1.1 General Description

Internetworking Services are a group of services offered by TELUS that enable you to send and receive data using the Internet protocol as well as your communications equipment and systems. These services provide connections to the Internet and private networks.

1.2 Service Infrastructure

Unforeseen Costs

If TELUS finds out during installation of a service at a service location that either the necessary infrastructure is not available or you do not agree to pay for unforeseen costs to complete the installation, TELUS will cancel the installation and terminate the service at that service location. You will not be required to pay the service cancellation charge. We will return any installation fees you may have paid, and we will not be required to provide the service at that service location.

Equipment and Network

TELUS is responsible to maintain its network. TELUS may perform maintenance activities during scheduled maintenance periods, or at other times when necessary. TELUS’ maintenance schedule is published at, but TELUS may change the maintenance schedule at any time without notice to you. If we need to perform maintenance outside of scheduled maintenance periods, TELUS will send an email to the contact email we have for you. In order to make sure you receive the email, you must keep us informed of the correct email address and make sure the email address is able to receive email.


When using the services, you must comply with TELUS’ acceptable use policy and IP address policy, published at (“AUP”). TELUS may change the AUP at any time, at our discretion. We will publish the changed AUP at, and you are responsible to review this policy to see any changes.

1.3 Security

You are responsible for the security of your network, for implementing your own security policies, and for obtaining any security services to protect your network.

1.4 Service Cancellation Charges

When an Internetworking Service connection is cancelled, TELUS will charge you the total fixed monthly charges remaining in your service period.

TELUS may, at its discretion, waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service with another TELUS Internetworking Service at the same service location, and the value of the replacement service is greater than the value of the cancelled services.

1.5 TELUS Dedicated Office Internet

The service terms in this subsection apply only to TELUS Dedicated Office Internet, which is an Internetworking Service.

General Description

TELUS Dedicated Office Internet connects your local area network to the Internet using the Internet Protocol. We use a dedicated connexion from TELUS’ access point on the internet to a TELUS provided device located at your service location. The TELUS device is equipped with a port for connection to your network. The service connection ends at that port. The TELUS device is usually located in a common telecommunications area at your building.

Product Description

The TELUS Dedicated Office Internet products available from TELUS are:

TELUS Dedicated Office Internet Bandwidth Options

TELUS Dedicated Office Internet 100 Mbps

TELUS Dedicated Office Internet 200 Mbps

The Service Charges table lists the TELUS Dedicated Office Internet product selected by you.


A fixed monthly charge applies for each TELUS Dedicated Office Internet connection. TELUS Dedicated Office Internet service is offered on a Flat Rate Usage Option, which means that all data you send and receive through the TELUS Dedicated Office Internet connection in the monthly billing period is included in the fixed monthly charge.

While TELUS provides all equipment required to install the service within your service location, you will be responsible to pay TELUS for the cost of inside wiring materials and labour.


After 3 months from the installation of a service connection, you may ask TELUS to change the product, although the monthly charge may change. The general terms describe how to request a change.

IP Addresses

TELUS uses IP addressing and routing standards to provide this service. You are responsible for maintaining your local area network and non-conflicting LAN addresses.

Service Availability

TELUS Dedicated Office Internet is a non SLA based service. Our Services Help Desk will provide 24 hour, 7 days per week assistance on a reasonable effort basis.

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