TELUS Bill Analyzer Premium Service Terms

The terms in this section apply to Bill Analyzer Premium services (also referred to as the “Bill Analyzer Premium Service”).

1.0 TELUS Bill Analyzer Premium

1.1 General Description

Bill Analyzer Premium Service is an enhanced online business bill presentment tool that enables customers to view digital versions of their bill and billing information, compared to traditional paper-based bills received through the mail. The Bill Analyzer Premium Service applications provide bill presentment and consolidation, and reporting and analysis capabilities to you via a web-based user interface and is an enhanced version of the Bill Analyzer standard Service you have already subscribed to. Bill Analyzer Premium Service also provides enhanced features such as functionality to enable you to build your own organizational hierarchy complete with GL codes, create custom reports, and run cost allocation reports. If there is any conflict with or inconsistency between the provisions of the main body of the standard Bill Analyzer Service Terms, the provisions of the Service Terms attached hereto specifically with respect to the Bill Analyzer Premium Service and the contract, then the conflict shall be interpreted in accordance with the following order: (i) Service Terms for Bill Analyzer Premium Service; (ii) terms and conditions of your agreement with TELUS for the standard Bill Analyzer Service; and (iii) the contract.

With the Bill Analyzer Premium Service license, we also provide Professional Services, giving you personalized, one-on-one, or designated support to a level of your need, to assist you in setting up and maintaining your billing services on a one-time or on-going basis.

1.2 Service Features


We grant to you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, limited right to access the hosted and managed TELUS Bill Analyzer Premium Service applications as customized, configured and as updated from time to time for use by you, including all applicable subscription licenses.

The table in the Service & Charges Summary section of this agreement sets out the service elements and features selected by you.


A monthly recurring rate charge (MRC) applies to the Bill Analyzer Premium Service License. The MRC is billed following installation. Charges associated with Professional Services may apply. These charges are set out in the Your Service & Summary Charges section of this agreement.


You may request changes to the service following installation, however, additional charges associated with the changes may apply. These charges are set out in the Your Service & Summary Charges section of this agreement.

Billing File Format

We will provide 45 days’ notice to you for any ad hoc changes made to standard reports.

1.3 Optional Service Features

Implementation Support

As part of the Bill Analyzer Premium Service, you may use TELUS “one-time” Implementation Support.

The Implementation Support consists of the following:

Full review of all active Wireless billing accounts Creation of organizational/GL hierarchy(s) Account and service assignments to hierarchy (across all TELUS products and services) Creation of account and service descriptions Online access management based on site, location or specific users Creation of custom report and filtering requirements Setup of scheduled reports for automated distribution Implementation of account or service-level budgets Setup of online and offline payment sources On-site training of Bill Analyzer Premium Service with administrator and any additional users For Custom Implementation Services, cost is based on a maximum of 10 business days on site. Billing Finance Consultant

As part of the Bill Analyzer Premium Service, you may use TELUS “post implementation” Billing Finance Support.

The Billing Finance Consultant consists of the following:

Billing Review Services Management of custom report needs Dispute management Proactively monitoring for any areas of improvement Maintaining custom hierarchy, including node assignment of new accounts, access and permission management Ensuring full value and understanding is gained from reports for the designated administrators during the set up and training phase at implementation For services, cost is based on $1,000/day up to $10,000 per month.

1.4 Privacy

We will fulfil our obligations under these service terms in accordance with our privacy commitment, which is available for your review at: You hereby consent to your personal information being sent inside Canada in connection with your use of the services and you consent to our sharing of your personal information with our third party provider, our affiliates, agents and subcontractors for the purposes of this agreement.

1.5 Service Cancellation Charges

If you cancel the Bill Analyzer Premium Service we calculate the service cancellation charge using the table below, based on the service period you selected. The service cancellation charge is a percentage of the total service charges for your contracted Service Period remaining in the service period after cancellation.

Contracted service period (months)

% of fixed monthly charges for remaining service period

0-24 months


25- 60 months


Once the service is canceled, you may not continue to use the license and all associated features.

We may, at our discretion, waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service with another TELUS service with total service charges greater than the total service charges for the number of whole or partial months remaining in the Minimum Term for the Bill Analyzer Premium Service after cancellation.

1.6 Your Responsibilities

In addition to your other obligations in this agreement, you are solely and exclusively responsible for:

a. complying, and causing your users using the Bill Analyzer Premium Service to comply, with:

all applicable laws; this agreement; TELUS’ acceptable use policy and IP address policy, published at (“AUP”). We may change the AUP at any time, at our discretion. We will publish the changed AUP at, and you are responsible to review this policy to see any changes; b. providing internet access and ensuring that the TELUS recommended bandwidth is available over your Internet access. If you are not using Internet access provided by TELUS, you are responsible for resolving access issues; c. the security of your network, for implementing your own security policies, and for obtaining any security services to protect your network and assets. If security services are separately purchased from and provided by us, the service terms associated with that purchase would govern the security services; d. preventing unauthorized use, and maintaining the confidentiality of the login names, passwords and other identification methods that you use to access your account; e. taking appropriate measures, including the use of current anti-virus software, firewalls, and other software and hardware to protect your devices, computers and systems; f. preparing the service location in accordance with our instructions and specifications as it relates to space, power and LAN connectivity; g. creating frequent and regular backups of your content and data; h. using the Bill Analyzer Premium Service solely for your internal use; and i. immediately advising us if you suspect the Bill Analyzer Premium Services has been used for the following activities and you will cooperate and assist us in our efforts to stop such prohibited or illegal activities:

any activity prohibited by this agreement; or any illegal activity You will not:

a. gain or allow access to any data, files, programs, devices, computers, systems or otherwise to which you are not legally entitled to access; or b. reverse engineer the Bill Analyzer Premium Service or any of its components or create a substitute or similar service through use of, or access to, the Bill Analyzer Premium Service.

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