TELUS Business Optik TV Trending Now feature

Learn about the Business Optik TV Trending Now feature

Trending Now
is a feature that shows you the top five shows being watched in your region at that moment (based on what others in your region are watching in real-time). Discover and tune in to the most-watched shows instantly!

  • Can be accessed any time on any Live TV channel

  • Available on all Optik TV digital boxes

  • Included with your Optik TV subscription at no extra cost

  • Your information will remain 100% private. (TELUS has no way of differentiating the data between households.)

  • Customize
    your Optik TV channel view

  • Your parental control settings will still work!

  1. Tune in to any channel and wait until the channel information disappears (or press back/exit on your remote).

  2. Press the
    right button
    on your remote to have Trending Now appear at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Scroll through with the arrow buttons and press
    on your remote to instantly tune in to the show that interests you.

  4. You can exit out of Trending Now from your screen by pressing
    on your remote.

: Channels you’re not subscribed to may appear in Trending Now. If you select a channel you are not currently subscribed to, you will be asked if you want to add it. Subscribing to new channels is always your choice―channels will not be added to your account unless you give your expressed consent. If you discover a new channel you want to subscribe to via Trending Now, you can add it through Self Care or
My Account

: On Demand and Pay Per View content will not appear in Trending Now. You can browse trending On Demand titles to rent or buy directly in the On Demand library.

There is currently no option to disable Trending Now.

: You can exit Trending Now by pressing back/exit on your remote.

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