Adjust the picture size and shape (aspect ratio) on your TV

Instructions for adjusting your screen aspect ratio

Adjusting picture settings

The aspect ratio on your TV should already be set when you first get Optik TV installed. However, should you get a new TV or on the off chance the aspect ratio changes, follow these steps:

To optimize the picture shape and size (aspect ratio) of your OPTIK TV service:

  1. Press
    on your remote control

  2. Select

  3. Select

  4. Select
    Screen aspect ratio

  5. Choose the most optimal resolution that your TV can support:

    • 2160p 60Hz (4K digital boxes only)

    • 1080p High Definition

    • 1080i High Definition

    • 720p High Definition

    • 4:3 Standard Definition
      : To find the best resolution for your TV, consult your user manual or visit the TV manufacturer's website and check what settings are available for the model of your TV.

  6. Select
    and press

  7. Select
    Start test
    . The system will verify whether your TV can display the selected setting

    • If you see a black screen or a distorted setting try a different setting

  8. If you can see the normal video on your screen, select
    Keep setting

  9. If you see a black screen or a distorted image, your TV may not be able to display the selected setting or it may not be properly connected to your digital box. Select
    Cancel setting
    and try a different aspect ratio by redoing steps 6-8

: If necessary, refer to your TV’s
user guide
to optimize your TV screen settings.

Enlarge or shrink the image you see on your HDTV

If you watch non-HD (standard definition) programming or some HD programming on a widescreen HDTV, black bars may appear on the sides of the program or in some cases a picture frame may appear around the image:

To remove or minimize the bars:

  1. While on the program you wish to change, press
    on your remote. The options menu will appear on the right hand side of your screen

  2. Scroll to
    TV Zoom
    . Here you'll see three settings: -
    : displays the normal image -
    : expands the image to fill the screen (may cause distortion of picture) -
    : 1 to 3 increases the zoom and may cut off some of the picture
    : Zoom will affect all channels, not just the one on which you’ve changed the settings.

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