Guide visible but no video

Tips on restarting your modem or digital box to restore channels

If the onscreen guide appears, but the screen is otherwise black, first
try changing the channel

If you find that all channels are black after changing the channel, you can restart your equipment as described below.

Restart your modem

  1. Disconnect the power cord behind your modem

  2. Wait 5 seconds

  3. Reconnect the power

  4. Check your modem. The following lights should be green within a few minutes:

    • Power (solid green)

    • DSL (solid green)

    • Internet (solid or blinking green)

Restart your digital box or PVR

  1. From the back of your digital box, disconnect the black power cord

  2. Wait 5 seconds

  3. Reconnect the black power cord to the back of your digital box

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