Call Display+ explained

Learn how TELUS Call Display+ works, including how to block your number for an outgoing call and identify incoming callers while you’re on a call.

How Call Display works

Call Display for Office Phone shows the name and number of present and past callers. The caller's information is displayed on the screen of your phone or other device that accepts incoming calls, such as a fax machine with a display.

Required Equipment
To view the name and number of a caller, you'll need Call Display service and Call Display capable equipment. Order online or
contact us

Call Display Stores Past Callers Whether you answer the call or not, TELUS Call Display+ will log the name and number of past callers on your phone or device. Returning the call is as easy as pressing one button.

Identify Calls marked "Private" or "Unknown"

Anonymous Caller ID is a service that sends all calls marked "Private", "Unknown", or "Out of Area" to a message that asks callers to identify themselves. You are provided with the option to answer the call, send the caller to your TELUS Voice Mail service, or to play the caller a "Not Available" or "No telemarketing accepted" message.

Block your number from being displayed

Per Call Blocking is a service that enables you to block your name and number from being displayed by dialing *67 before you call. This service is already available on your line at no extra charge.

Automatic Blocking is a service that lets you automatically block your name and number from being displayed on all of your outgoing calls. A monthly subscription fee applies.

Please contact us at 310-2255 to order or for more information.

Identify incoming calls while you're already on a call

Visual Call Waiting removes the mystery of the “beep” and displays the name and number of the incoming caller while you’re on the phone. And it's available at no additional charge if you already subscribe to both Call Display and Call Waiting.

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