Anywhere Upgrades – Mobility Service Terms

Details about Anytime Upgrades


You can replace or upgrade your TELUS mobile device at a discounted price at any time during your service term.

Anytime Upgrades

Whether you need to replace your damaged phone or smartphone, or simply want to upgrade to that latest and greatest model, the Anytime Upgrades program is tailor made for you.

  • The device discount you originally received when your service term began.

  • The number of months remaining on your service term.


You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Anytime Upgrades program:

  • On a TELUS Postpaid account

  • Credit qualified

  • Not on the Credit Limit Program

  • Up to date with payments to your account

You can use
one of the following methods
to purchase a new device with Anytime Upgrades.

Log in
to your account to view your offers.Visit a TELUS Product Care Centre. Use our
Store Locator
to find the closest location.

: In most cases, you can charge your Device Balance to your TELUS account. Some locations require full payment of your Device Balance when you upgrade your device. Contact your closest location for details.

Service term obligations (pre-November 21, 2010)

If you signed your service term before November 21, 2010:

Cancelling your service term
Calculate your cancellation fee

Service term obligations (post-November 21, 2010)

If you signed your service term after November 21, 2010:

If your service term start date is between November 21, 2010 and May 15, 2011, the charge will only apply in the first year of your service term and up to a maximum of $200.

If you did not sign up for a service commitment with a minimum rate plan, you can change your rate plan two times per calendar year for no charge. A $10.00 administration fee is applied for each additional change per year.Cancelling your service term | If you cancel your service term, you will be subject to a service term termination fee. The fee is your remaining device balance plus a $50 early cancellation fee.Calculate your Device Balance | TELUS discounts the cost of your device when you sign up for a service term. The amount of your discount becomes your device balance. Over the length of your service term, TELUS automatically reduces your device balance each month by a set amount. This monthly credit is equal to your original device discount divided by the number of months in your service term.

For example:John signed a three year service term and received a $580 discount on a Samsung Galaxy Note:

  • Full price: $779.99

  • What John paid: $199.99

  • John’s discount: $580

  • His device balance is $580 / 36 months = $16.11 per month

John decided to cancel his service term with 9 months remaining. John would pay the following amount:

  • Monthly device balance: $16.11

  • Months remaining: 9

  • Cancellation fee: $50

  • His total charge is $16.11 x 9 months = $145 + $50 = $195

For a better understanding of your service term,
log in
to your account for details.

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