Manage emergency contact information

Instructions on how to manage your location phone number, location password and emergency contacts

  1. From your mobile app or web portal dashboard, select the button in the top left-hand corner

  2. Select
    Monitoring Settings

From here you can manage your location phone number in the Central Monitoring System, set your location password, as well as manage your emergency contacts.

Location phone number

This is the first number our
Central Monitoring Station
will call in the event of an alarm. We highly recommend that you provide a number that will put us in touch with someone at your premises, for example a landline or a mobile number of someone who is mostly likely to be onsite, in order for our Central Monitoring Station to verify what is happening at your premises.

If you don't provide a location phone number, the Central Monitoring Station will proceed to the next course of action. In the case of intrusion and panic alarms, this is contacting your emergency contact list to verify the alarm event.

In the case of a fire alarm, we proceed to dispatch emergency service providers. These alarm protocols are shaped by the industry best practices to ensure your safety.

Location password

This verbal password is for your entire account. This password will be accepted by the Central Monitoring Station as verification when contacting the Location Phone Number or your Emergency Contacts if you choose to share it with others.

Emergency contacts

If an alarm is unable to be verified by calling the Location Phone Number, the Central Monitoring Station will contact your emergency contacts in the specified order. Your emergency contacts will be asked to verify the alarm event and if the alarm is unable to be verified, the Monitoring Station will proceed to the next course of action.

Depending on the type of the alarm event, these numbers may be contacted either before or after a dispatch to the authorities has been made. It is recommended that the first contact is the primary user, such as yourself or a person most commonly at or near the location.

We require a minimum of three contacts on your account and each contact can have a maximum of two phone numbers. Your emergency contacts should ideally live at or know the location of your premises, have access to the building and be able to act on your behalf in the event emergency service providers need to further investigate.

Make sure you keep these details up-to-date to ensure the right people are contacted.

If you prefer, you can contact us at
to provide your location and emergency contact information.

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