Location Analytics

Location analytics allows you to see the traffic and flow of users in your network.

To access this feature, select
, and then
Location Analytics
. This information allows you to know how long your users stay at your location and how often your visitors come back.

Proximity chart

● Capture rate - the percentage of passersby who become users of your network ● Passerby – any device that is detected, but does not connect to your network ● Visitor – a device that has been detected for more than five consecutive minutes, (within a 20-minute period) but does not connect to your network ● Connected – the devices that have connected to the network

Engagement chart

● Shows the amount of time visitors spent within your network grouped by the length of their visit

Loyalty chart

● Shows how frequently your visitors connect to your network ● Visitors are classified as Occasional, Weekly, Daily and First-time users

Loyalty Chart

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