How to use your panel camera

Information and tips for using your panel camera

To help further protect your business and to make sure you know who is accessing your security system at all times, your system will take a photo of you when you disarm your panel and when your settings are changed. The system will capture both an image and a video when an alarm event occurs. All photos and videos will be stored until you decide to delete them.

Accessing your panel photos or videos

To access the photos and/or videos that were taken, you can view them through:

1. Control Panel or Secondary Touchscreen Wireless Panel
Swipe left or right from the main panel screen to get to the disarm photo gallery. To delete the photos or videos from your panel, simply click on the garbage can icon to the right of the photo and enter your master code.

: You can customize your settings so you do not need to enter a master code when deleting your captured photos or videos. For instructions, see below.

Panel Camera

2. TELUS Secure Business mobile app or web portal
To delete the photos from your Mobile App or the Web Portal:

  • Log into your TELUS Secure Business mobile app or web portal

  • Select your

    Panel Cam 2
  • Select the photo(s) you would like to delete

    Panel Cam 3
  • Delete the photos

    Panel Cam 4

Customizing your the Camera Settings on your Control Panel

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen to access the settings page

  2. Select

    Panel Cam 5
  3. Select
    Advanced settings

    Panel Cam 6
  4. Type in your master code

    Master code
  5. Select
    Camera Settings
    . If you do not see this option,
    contact TELUS
    to enable the feature to your account

  6. Enable or disable the following camera settings to suit your preferences. All these settings are turned on by default

Secure Delete

Customizing the Camera Settings on your Secondary Wireless Touchscreen Panel

  1. On your Secondary Wireless Touchscreen Panel, access your
    by dragging the menu from the top of the screen

  2. Type in your master code

    Master Code
  3. In your Settings, select
    Camera Settings

    Camera Settings
  4. Enable or Disable the options to suit your preference

: The settings on the Secondary Touchscreen Wireless Panel are limited to only the Disarm Photos, Alarm Photos, and Alarm Videos functionality.

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