Fix your iMessage problems

Fix your iMessage problems in 2 easy steps

Follow these 2 easy steps to fix your iMessage problems:

Step 1: Enable "Send as SMS"

Did you know that using iMessage to send texts, pictures and videos to other Apple devices uses your data? If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi and don’t have a data plan, sending iMessages to other Apple devices means you will incur pay-per-use data charges.

To avoid extra data charges, you can enable the “Send as SMS” feature, which allows you to send iMessages as an SMS when data is unavailable.

Turn on this feature by following these steps:

  1. Head to
    . Select

  2. Slide the
    Send as SMS
    toggle to ON

Or, you can simply add a data plan and do more of what you love, without having to worry about overage charges. From
, you can view your data usage in real-time to avoid going over your data.

Step 2: Reset All Settings

In some cases, you may fix your iMessage problems by resetting
All Settings

  1. Go to
    on your iPhone

  2. Select

  3. Select

  4. Select the
    Reset All Settings

This option keeps your apps and data but resets personal preferences (such as custom wall paper) and network settings (including Wi-Fi passwords).

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