Data proration FAQ

Get to know your rate plan proration

When you change your rate plan during your billing cycle, the amount of data and minutes you get access to during the first month of your new rate plan will be prorated. This means that you won’t have access to the full amount of your data until your next billing cycle.

For example, if you switch from a 6GB rate plan to a 10GB rate plan with 12 days left in your billing cycle, you will have access to 4GB of data for these 12 days. You will have access to the full data amount once you enter your first full billing cycle.

Frequently asked questions

I have switched my rate plan, but I had data remaining from my last plan. Will it be carried over?

No. When you switch to a new rate plan, everything from your old rate plan is ended as we are providing you with a new service.

When will I get the full amount of data stated in my rate plan?

You’ll get the full amount of data stated in your rate plan in your first full billing cycle. Your data will only be prorated for the remainder of the billing cycle you are in when you first switch your rate plan. You will receive the full data the following month.

Why is data prorated before my first full billing cycle?

When you first switch over a rate plan, you do not pay the full bill for the plan, instead, the amount is prorated to reflect how much of the billing period is remaining. This also applies to the services provided, meaning that the amount of data available will also reflect how much of the billing period is remaining.

What is a full billing cycle?

A billing cycle is the period of time that your bill covers. A complete billing cycle is the period that reflects the full amount your rate plan charges cover - this is usually your second bill

If I have changed my rate plan, when does my new plan begin and my old one end?

Your new rate plan will begin the moment we send you a confirmation. As soon as you get this, it also means that your old plan is no longer in service.

: A full billing cycle is reflected by a full month from one payment to another payment. For example, a payment made on the 5th of January to the 5th of February would be a full cycle. Your first bill is usually only a portion of your full billing cycle as it typically starts midway.

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