Delete unwanted iMessages

Troubleshoot and rid your phone of unwanted iMessages

If multiple people are using the same Apple ID on different devices you may find:

  • You are receiving iMessage texts intended for someone else

  • Someone is receiving iMessages texts meant for you

  • You are receiving your iMessages texts as e-mails

The iMessage accounts on those devices are linked. Any messages sent or received through the Apple Messages app will be available on all devices using the same Apple ID.

To solve this, you need to disable the unwanted email addresses and phone numbers linked to iMessage on all devices that are using the same Apple ID.

Disable unwanted emails and phone numbers

  1. Select

  2. Scroll to and select

  3. Select
    Send and receive

  4. Find the email address or phone number to which the unwanted messages are being sent. Uncheck that address or number

Delete iMessage

Create a
separate Apple ID
for each device and set up
family sharing

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