Call forwarding on your mobile device for TELUS Business customers

How to set up and use call forwarding options on your business mobile device

About Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to forward incoming calls to another number and still make outgoing calls with your mobile device.

Once the feature is activated,
Call Forwarding Unconditional
can be used on any device. The other following call forwarding features listed will be device dependent and may not be compatible with your business device.

The following sections will explain how to activate and deactivate all call-forwarding options:

Before you begin

  • Text and multimedia messages
    be forwarded and will continue to be delivered to your device

  • If the Call Forwarding feature is not added to your rate plan,
    Call Forwarding minutes are billed at a pay-per use rate
    . You can
    check your rate plan features and add-ons
    with My TELUS

    • From the
      My TELUS Plans & Devices

    • Select the

    • Scroll down and select
      Plan details
      to view more details

  • Long distance charges apply
    when Call Forwarding to a number outside your Service Area. Charges will apply even if your current plan and/or features include long distance

  • Forwarding another number to your business mobile device, such as a landline number, will continue to use the minutes included in your rate plan

  • The Call Forwarding option selected determines when a call is forwarded (e.g. immediately, after 3 rings, or only if the line is busy)

  • The original calling number will be the displayed number when a call is forwarded

Activate Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding can usually be activated and deactivated in your device's
Call Settings
section. Refer to your device's user guide to learn how to navigate to the call-forwarding menu through your phone options.

Otherwise, you can manage Call Forwarding by dialling specific star (
) and pound (
) commands:

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